Your Check Engine Light Is On

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Ding! Ding!


How easy would it be if our bicycles gave us warning signs, like our cars do? Sadly, they don’t. Well, not by way of red warning lights on the dashboard. But there are other signs, signs that an expert can read.


If you’re one of the many who are taking a break from cycling during this winter of polar vortices, there is no better time to let our experts look over your bicycle.

Get a tune-up now. When the temperatures start rising and everyone else is dropping their bikes off for tune-ups, you’ll be ready and on the road. (Make sure to swing by the shop to say hi – so all those procrastinators can look on longingly, while you’re in your spandex and cycling helmet, enjoying the day.)


You may ask: “But I’m not a ‘serious’ cyclist. Aren’t tune-ups for racers or people who ride a lot?” You likely don’t race your car, but it still needs to be tuned up. Just because your bike doesn’t have a service light that pops up, doesn’t mean it’s not in need of attention.

Stuart Ellington Higher Gear bike mechanic

Most recreational cyclists, those who store their bikes indoors over the winter, have their tune-ups done in the Spring when the bikes come out of storage. The tune-up serves to undo any damage done over the previous cycling season and to get the bike ready for a new season of riding. For many, this is enough to get them through the year. (If you ride frequently, ride through all kinds of weather and road conditions or have an important event, we recommend more frequent tune-ups.)

A tune-up provides routine maintenance on your bike. Most importantly, it allows our expert mechanics an opportunity to look over the moving parts on your bike.


Make sure you and your family are ready to hit the streets when the warmer weather comes. Bring your bike in to Higher Gear or call to schedule your tune-up today.


For more details about what’s covered with Higher Gear’s tune-ups, please visit our service page.

If you have any questions, come in to either Higher Gear location where our approachable experts will be happy to look over your bike and give you their recommendation.





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