Mavic Wheelsets Are Rolling In

New Mavic wheelsets are at Higher Gear now!


Mavic Wheelsets Higher Gear

Upgrading your wheelset is one investment you can make that translates into great gains in your cycling. A stiffer and lighter wheelset allows you to ride faster.

If you’re looking for an entry level wheelset to replace the one that came with your bike, the Mavic Kysrium Elite is a no-brainer upgrade. If you want an aerodynamic wheel in carbon,  the Mavic Cosmic Carbone SLE is for you.

Ksyrium Elite S

Upgrading from the basic set of wheels that came on your bike when it was new, the Mavic Ksyrium Elite will improve your ride and speed. The aluminum breaking surface can’t be beat. While being durable, these wheels are also lightweight and stiff, two features that make for faster speeds. The set comes in at 1520 grams.

Ksyrium SLS

In the Ksyrium family, the SLS offers even less weight and more responsiveness than the Elite but they are still as strong. Both feature Mavic’s new extra light Yksion Pro tire. The Ksyrium SLS weighs in at 1395 grams.


The Mavic R-Sys is a highly responsive wheel, featuring carbon spokes. The technology that goes into this wheel increases energy transfer, offers less inertia for the same stiffness and has a low rolling resistance. The R-Sys wheelset is a shocking 1355 grams.

Cosmic Carbone SLE

The Cosmic Carbone SLE offers a high level of aerodynamic efficiency and stiffness with no sacrifice in weight. Mavic’s Cosmic Carbone SLE wheelset has a 52 mm rim profile and weighs in at 1620 grams.


We have a range of Mavic wheelsets available from $400 to $3,000. We’re sure to have the right one for you in your price range. Interested in learning more about selecting the right wheelset for you? View our instructional video.

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