What’s Your Fizik?

Cyclists have varying degrees of flexibility. That flexibility affects riding position. Finding the right saddle for your body allows for maximum performance and comfort.

Fi’zi:k offers saddles in three options for three types of riders, based on physiological differences.


Fizik cycling saddle test snake arione

Fizik cycling saddle test bull aliante

Fizik cycling saddle test chameleon antares



The snake is for the most flexible rider, who easily and naturally changes position while riding, A snake will use the entire length of the saddle, all while resting weight on the sit bones. With greater flexibility at the low spine, a snake’s sit bones bear the rider’s weight.

The Fi’zi:k Arione saddle is designed for the flexible snake.



The chameleon instinctively adapts position for optimum comfort and performance – sometimes over time due to fitness level and sometimes during a ride based on hand position. Body weight and pressure will change accordingly. This requires a saddle that will accommodate various positions.

The Fi’zi:k Antares saddle is designed for the adaptive chameleon.



The bull rides in one position, with the pelvis rotated forward. Body weight is isolated toward the front to the pocket of the saddle.

The Fi’zi:k Aliante saddle was designed with the rigid bull’s needs in mind.





The three types of riders have a range to choose from, including road, CX, MTB, triathlon and women’s specific saddles. The Kurve line offers greater flexibility, adapting to a rider’s every twist and turn. The Versus line offers an anatomic channel down the middle of the saddle.

Fizik cycling saddle test snake arione chameleon antares bull alianteLeave it to the Italians to create a beautiful saddle. Special touches include lights and seat bags that clip securely directly into the rear of the saddle.


The right saddle can be a challenge to find. For that reason, Fi’zi:k offers the ability to test their saddles before you purchase.


Fi’zi:k saddles – both test saddles and saddles for purchase – are available at Higher Gear. Let us help you find your inner animal.





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