What Mom (Really) Wants for Her Day

Yes, a freshly picked daisy or a macaroni heart on construction paper will bring a fleeting smile to mom’s face. But we have some Mother’s Day gift ideas to make that smile a lasting one.

For the mom who could use a little time away

(Not that she doesn’t love all of you.)

What Bicycling Feels Like

One thing moms don’t have enough of is time. Of course mom wants to spend her day, Mother’s Day, with you, her loving family. But what about giving mom another day to herself, to spend doing the (other) things she loves?

We know it’s a little early to surprise mom for Mother’s Day, but our Women’s Cycling Clinic on May 5th gives mom what she deserves – an afternoon with her friends, time to devote to an activity she enjoys and the cycling skills and confidence she can use in any ride or race. (Plus a little time to unwind at the post-clinic Cinco de Mayo party.)

Based on the feedback we got from last year’s clinic, mom is sure to learn a lot from and enjoy time spent with us.

2012 Women's Cycling Clinic Higher Gear2012 Women's Cycling Clinic Higher Gear





2012 Women's Cycling Clinic Higher Gear2012 Women's Cycling Clinic Higher Gear










For the mom who goes the extra mile (on her bike)

Mom has a lot to take care of around the house. Maybe one of the items on her “to do” list that always gets bumped is taking care of her own bike. And mom’s not one to complain about her bike not shifting properly or her brakes squeaking. Surprise mom with a Spring Tune-Up. Ensure that mom’s pedaling will be efficient and that her bicycle will be safe to ride the next time she rides – whether it’s in a triathlon or on the bike path with you.

Moms are the last to let you know when they have aches and pains. If you have a mom who spends a lot of time on her bike – training or for pleasure – she could benefit from having her bike properly fit to her body and her riding style. A proper bike fit means efficient, pain-free cycling every ride. And mom deserves that.


For the woman who has everything (but is still riding that old bike)

Wow mom this year with a gift she can really put to good use: a new bike.

Sun Beach Cruiser Bike Cruz 3 Revolutions 3 7 24 Higher Gear Wilmette ILIf mom wants the best, without making sacrifices, the redesigned Specialized Ruby is her bike. Specialized designed the Ruby for women who want to enjoy every minute and long distances on their bikes, without sacrificing control, performance or comfort. Designed for women by women, the Ruby is a women’s endurance road bike.

If mom is a more of a casual cyclist, why not introduce her to the fun world of a cruiser. A Beach Cruiser is a great way for mom to enjoy the outdoors while in a comfortable upright position. In options for fun colors and optional baskets and basket liners to coordinate, who wouldn’t get a kick out of cruising on one of these beauties?


For the mom who loves to accessorize

Garmin Forerunner 10 running watch green pink violet orange black redDoes mom like new accessories? Perhaps shiny ones on her arm? Her bike could use some bling, too. Deck out mom’s bike with the latest technology – like the Garmin Edge 810 or the 510.

More than a cycling computer, these beauties offer navigation and advanced training capabilities in one device. Mom can use her cell phone to access live tracking, social media sharing and weather. The 810 can guide mom during touring, commuting or other activities with GPS-enabled navigation capabilities.

If mom’s a runner, she’ll flip over the Garmin Forefunner 10. (DC Rainmaker, the Gadget Guru, certainly did.) Just make sure to give us a little notice on this one: we don’t keep them in stock but can have them in a matter of days.


For the fashionista mom

The lady in your life might be active, but she doesn’t compromise on looking good – which means her cycling clothes show off her sense of style.

Sugoi Women's Clothing Skort Ruby Skirt Cycling Specialized's RBX Comp Jersey teal 2013 Sugoi Versa Jacket Womens amethyst Vest Convertible


Whether mom is a touch on the modest side or she likes a little flair in her clothing, Sugoi’s Ruby Skirt will quickly become her favorite cycling piece. Super cute meets super functional in this cycling skirt. With a wicking liner, complete with chamois, mom can ride anywhere and then pop off the bike to do errands or meet friends – without being self conscious about walking around in cycling shorts.

Add a little color to mom’s life with Specialized’s RBX Comp Jersey in light teal. The semi-form fit cuts a flattering silhouette, keeping the jersey close, but not tight to the body. Engineered with DeflectUV fabric, with a UPF 50 UV protection rating, protects mom from harmful UV rays while she’s riding.

Always a favorite for the fickle temperatures, Sugoi’s Versa Jacket goes from jacket to vest and back again quickly. It’s perfect for cyclist, runners or any active mom on the go.


SPY eyewear sunglasses Quanta active cyclingFor the mom who’s always watching over you

Mom is always looking out for you. Return the favor.

Protect mom’s eyes from sunlight and more with a cool pair of slim-fitting shades.

Cycling eyewear protects mom’s most valuable asset when she’s on the bike – her ability to see clearly. They also keep her eyes free from particles in the air or that kicked up from the road. And impact-resistant ANSI Z87.1 certified lenses means mom’s eyes are safe even in a crash.

These sunglasses from SPY optical will have mom seeing clearly as well have having her – clearly – look cool.


For the mom who appreciates the little things

SockGuy socks Diva pinkEver notice the little touches, the tiny details, that mom goes out of her way to add? The candles on the dinner table or the note in your lunch. Show mom you appreciate her extra efforts by focusing on the little details that can bring a smile to her face.

SockGuy knows about details. All of their socks feature “stretch-to-fit” sizing and an exclusive “easy-fit” cuff for a perfect fit every time on any foot, eliminating blisters and hot spots. They also feature a double stitched heel & toe for added strength and durability. SockGuy offers fun designs; you can find the perfect pair to fit mom’s personality.


Seeing RedFor the mom who likes to coordinate

Does mom’s purse change with her outfit? Does she like to make sure to match? Why should her bike be any different? Accessorize mom’s bikes with accents in her favorite color or to compliment her bike’s color.

Tires don’t have to be all black. We offer tires in a wide variety of colors. (And tires need to be replaced because they do wear.) Colorful Cable Locks from Lexco keep mom’s bike safe while it’s locked up.

There are many ways to customize mom’s bike. Handlebar tape, seat bags, basket liners, pedals, saddles, bar stems and headset caps – are just some of the items that are available in various colors.


For the mom who’s a do-it-yourself-er

Specialized Airtool HP Floor Pump SwitchHitter SmartHead Presta SchraederMom doesn’t wait for dad to come home to fix what’s broken. She’s not afraid of a hammer and she knows how to use it. And when it comes to getting everybody out on their bikes, she can handle the pressure… but she doesn’t have to – at least when it comes to tire pressure.

Specialized’s Airtool HP Floor Pump reaches high pressure with minimal effort. In fact, it requires 30% less effort than other floor pumps. The auto-selecting SwitchHitter II technology means that one head works with Presta and Schraeder valves. With a built-in pressure gauge, this one pump is a multi-tasker, just like mom.


For the mom who taught you to use your head

Protect mom’s noggin with a new helmet. Did you know that helmets should be replaced every three to five years? Moms who are road cyclists will like Specialized’s Sierra Helmet, designed specifically for women. More casual cyclists will enjoy the whimsical style of Nutcase helmets, offered in a variety of colors and designs.

Specialized Sierra helmet women womens specific Nutcase Helmet Star Bright Nutcase helmet Brownstone Dots cycling


For the mom who knows best (what she wants for Mother’s Day)

Still not sure what to get? Mom always knows best – so let her decide. A Gift Certificate to Higher Gear allows her to choose exactly what she needs. If you need more ideas – or want to know about items that may not be on our shelves but that we can order for you – our friendly experts are available to help. Stop on in!


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