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Before you head out on your next ride – or before you set your kid off to Bike to School this Friday for National Bike to School Day – how old are those helmets? Have you lost track of how long they’ve been sitting around the garage, collecting dust? Were you planning to give your youngest the hand-me-down helmets from your oldest? Were you tempted by the next-to-nothing price of a helmet at a garage sale?Bicycle Helmet Higher Gear Nutcase Urban Caution

Don’t be nuts! It’s your (or your kids) “nutcase” we’re talking about!

The Snell Foundation – a leader in helmet safety, independent from helmet manufacturers – recommends replacing your helmet every three to five years. It’s a good way to ensure the integrity of the Styrofoam under the shell. Also, if your helmet was hit hard due to an accident or from being dropped, has a cracked shell or appears to be in disrepair on any part of it, it’s time for a new one.  Face it, kids aren’t easy on their equipments, helmets included.

While we wear helmets for safety, they don’t have to be boring. In fact, that’s what the founder of Nutcase realized when he decided to help bike enthusiasts, skaters, snowboarders and other outdoor sports fans to express their personality, views and allegiances through their helmet choice.

Nutcase designs helmets for bike fanatics, skate and snow boarders and others who want to stand out. It’s why we at Higher Gear are nuts about Nutcase! Here are some of the designs we stock:


Bicycle Helmet Higher Gear Nutcase Fly BoyBicycle Helmet Higher Gear Nutcase Starbright


Bicycle Helmet Higher Gear Nutcase Rainbow StripBicycle Helmet Higher Gear Nutcase Brownstone Dots


Bicycle Helmet Higher Gear Nutcase Stumptown WoodyBicycle Helmet Higher Gear Nutcase Purple Pedals


























Try out these and other styles at Higher Gear. See why a Nutcase Helmet is  “the most fun a helmet ever had!”


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