Turn Night Into Day

Days are getting shorter, which means cyclists are more likely to spend some of their time in the dark. Whether you ride to or from work or you try to squeeze in a workout at either end of your day, you’ll be fighting for daylight at some point during your ride.


Belmont Harbor Chicago before sunrise


On the trails, you need lights to see any branches or roots that might be in your path. On city streets, you need lights to be able to see obstacles as well as road conditions. On either, you need lights to be seen – by pedestrians, other cyclists and cars. No matter where you ride, lights help you to see and to be seen.

At Higher Gear, we recognize that lights are more than an accessory. Lights are a safety feature. That’s why we’re always looking to get you the most lumens for your buck. (Lumens are a measure of light produced. The more lumens, the brighter the light.) That’s also why we stock Serfas cycling lights.

Serfas lights up your night ride with the industry’s most technologically advanced safety lights. If you’re a road bike commuter who wants to get home in a safe fashion, Serfas offers tremendous value. For 2016/2017, Serfas is bringing to the table several new models. Let Serfas light the way for you… after all, the night belongs to us.


Sunrise over Lake Michigan Catherine Watkins


Serfas E-Lume Headlights

The Serfas E-Lume Series light line was developed to be the best on the market at the very best value. These headlights will meet and exceed their expected lumen output while offering you all the features you’ve come to enjoy from Serfas lighting. With the new line of E-Lume Series lights, be prepared to turn night into day.

Features include:

  • Compact Lightweight Design
  • Super Bright Output (We’re stocking 450-, 600- and 1100-lumen output; there is also a 200 lumen option available for order.)
  • Water Resistant
  • New 3 Level Battery Life Indicator
  • Last Mode Memory
  • Charges from Dead to Fully Charge in 3 hours (The 450 lumen option takes 3.25 hours.)
  • Illuminated Side Ports Optimize Side Visibility
  • Weight: 162g – 240g with Bracket (for 450/600 lumen and 1100 lumen options, respectively)

Come in to Higher Gear to check out the lumens on the Serfas E-Lume line!
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Serfas Cycling Bike Light ELume E-Lume 450 600 1100


Scorpius Taillight

Taillights are more for being seen. With more reports of incidents involving cars and bikes, this is especially important on the road, though being visible to other cyclists on the trails is also important for everyone’s safety. Do your part to be visible. A taillight that is bright and that flashes is more likely to catch the attention of tired motorists.

Features include:

  • 30 High Powered Micro LED Ring For Greater Visibility
  • Auto Safe Mode
  • Last Mode Memory
  • USB Remote Switch Compatible
  • Aero Post Compatible
  • Saddle Rail Mount Included
  • USB Rechargeable

Come in to Higher Gear to check out the Scorpio Taillight.
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Thunderbolt 2.0

The Thunderbolt has undergone an upgrade that goes beyond aesthetics. From more light output to longer run time, the Thunderbolt 2.0 is more powerful than its predecessor.

Features include:

  • Super Bright Daytime Flash (120 lumens for the front light; 50 lumens for the rear)
  • Last Mode Memory
  • Auto Safe Mode
  • USB Remote Switch Compatible
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Aero Bracket Compatible
  • Up to 23hrs Runtime (front light)

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Higher Gear Chicago Wilmette Group Ride Rides Paceline Saturday Morning


Don’t get caught out in the dark! Come on in to Higher Gear and let us brighten your day – and your ride!





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