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The more aerodynamic you are, the faster you’re able to go. It’s a simple concept backed by advanced technology. Races can be won and lost by seconds. The S-Works Evade helmet helps you find those extra seconds.

Typically, when it came to cycling helmets, riders were forced to choose between a helmet that was aerodynamically efficient and one that was well-ventilated. Time trial helmets are fast but have a limited application because of their size, weight, and lack of ventilation. Road helmets, on the other hand, are extremely lightweight and well-ventilated but not terribly aerodynamic.

Specialized aerodynamicist Chris Yu explained to VeloNews, “We saw that the guys (in last year’s Tour) were just refusing to wear some of the helmets. It was just too hot. So we knew we needed to start with a helmet that can be ridden in the heat and go from there.”

With the brightest minds in the business and access to the most advanced research and development tools, Specialized discovered that compromise no longer must be made.

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Rather than adapt a TT helmet for the road, they designed an entirely new concept. The S-Works Evade truly is the best of both worlds. It has nearly the same aero advantages as a TT helmet, with equally as efficient air cooling and ventilation as a road helmet. The super lightweight design ensures that it’s just as comfortable and quiet in the wind as well. Oh, and it looks like a proper cycling helmet, too.

The R&D process began with the fastest helmet in the world, S-Works + McLaren TT – a helmet that’s won time trial stages of the Tour de France, Giro d’Italia and the Vuelta a España. Specialized took what they learned learned, and then focused on making a road-worthy helmet that didn’t skimp on ventilation.

Specialized developed the S-Works Evade to incorporate the aero technology of a TT helmet with the benefits of a traditional road helmet. The S-Works Evade is the ultimate aerodynamic racing helmet, combining a superior wind tunnel tested design, ultra-light construction, and great ventilation for the best performance on the road or time trial.



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The S-Works Evade looks similar to the McLaren TT helmet in the front, but tapers to a more standard road-helmet shape in the back. The vents are far more numerous than you’ll find on other aero road helmets and are more “slits than holes.” The vents are designed to do a minimal amount of damage to overall drag. In fact, BikeRadar learned that the vents were an integral part of the design from the start. Specialized aero guru, Mark Cote, explained that the rear exhaust ports are intentionally larger than the intake ones so as to help actively suck air through the liner.


Here’s an excerpt from VeloNews:

Yes, of course it’s ugly. But ugly is a spectrum, and at least the Evade doesn’t look like it popped straight out of a 1993 Nashbar catalog. It looks more ’98-ish. The lines are sleek, and some of the bigger, clunkier panels have been neatly masked by the clever graphics. But even the black version looks a lot more like a modern road helmet than any of the other aero road options currently available.

Indeed, Specialized was surprised by the response from the pros themselves, who requested the helmet in far larger numbers than expected. Whether that’s down to the improved cooling or the cooler looks is up for debate; we’d wager it’s a fair bit of both. raved, “The Evade could outperform some companies’ standard road helmets in terms of ventilation at speed.”

The Specialized S-Works Evade was the preferred aero road helmet of Omega Pharma-Quick-Step, Saxo-Tinkoff and Astana in the Tour de France.


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