Surly Pugsley – A Revolutionary Bike

2012 Surly Pugsley 20" white

It’s time to start thinking about what you’ll be riding this weekend. Some of us will choose to go indoors this season. Others – you know who you are – will gear up and tackle the terrain in any kind of weather. For the latter group, the hardcore cyclists, we’ve got the bike for you!

In 2005, Surly began selling the Pugsley, the first mass-produced mountain bike with extremely large volume tires, up to 4 inches wide, for deep snow and sand riding. The front and rear wheels share a common hub size and can be interchanged, allowing for additional gearing combinations.

2012 Surly Pugsley 20" white

Pugsley was created to go where standard “all terrain” bikes flounder. The floatation and traction afforded by large-volume, low-pressure tires can get you over and through otherwise un-rideable terrain – sand, mud, wet rocks and roots, ice and many kinds of snow.

Bicycle technical authority Sheldon Brown said, “Pugsley is, in its way, as revolutionary as the original mountain bikes were in the early 1980s.” Bicycling Magazine wrote, “It’s not ideal for everyday use, but it can handle a wide variety of demands and conditions well.”


2012 Surly Pugsley 20" white


Not sure if the Surly Pugsley is the right bike for you? Stop in to Higher Gear. Our friendly staff can help guide you to the right bike for your budget.


Check out this video from Surly on about what makes a Pugsley perfect for riding over snow and sand. And don’t underestimate what these bikes can do.




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