Structured Workouts in our CT Studio

By popular request, we are introducing Structured Workouts for interval training!



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How are these new sessions different from our current CompuTraining sessions? Interval training sessions will be Structured Workouts in our Studio. Unlike riding the Course of the Week, these sessions don’t merely accumulate miles; these targeted interval training sessions actively push you to increase your power on the bike.

What’s nice about doing intervals on the CompuTrainer is that you don’t have to think. You just ride. The computer takes over and controls the resistance for your ride. There is no shifting involved. The CompuTrainer keeps you at specific power levels to give you maximum efficiency in your one hour workout.

In order for the CompuTrainer software to know how to personalize your workout you must know your FTP, or your Functional Threshold Power. FTP is “the maximum power you can sustain for one hour.” Your individual FTP – which will increase with training – can be determined with an FTP test, which you can do on your own or in our Studio.* If you wish to test in our Studio, contact Beccy to set up a time for testing.

If you know your FTP number, let us know so that we can enter it into our CompuTrainer system.


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Higher Gear Computrainer Indoor Training Cycling WilmetteMore About FTP

As mentioned above, your FTP is the maximum power you can sustain for an hour. FTP is easily measurable is a 20-minute test and is 100% trainable. Monitoring your FTP is a great way to have actual evidence – a quantifiable number – of how your body responds to different types of training and to adjust your training plan accordingly.

It’s never a bad time to do FTP testing. As a beginning rider, the number gives you a true baseline. As your training continues, it’s a way to mark your progress as well as know when it’s time to adjust your workouts. Contact Beccy to schedule a time to do your 20-minute FTP test in our CompuTrainer Studio.

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Interval Training at Higher Gear

We have adjusted our Studio schedule to include Interval Training Structured Workouts at the following times:

  • Tuesdays: 6:00am & 9:15am
  • Thursdays: 4:30pm & 6:15pm
  • Sundays: 11am


As always, if you are the only rider in a scheduled session or if you contact Beccy to schedule a time mid-day during the week, you can choose between our Course of the Week, an Interval Workout or any of the other ride options we have available to us.

There are no additional charges for the Structured Workouts or for FTP testing. These are additional training options available to you when you train with us at Higher Gear.


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