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The summer sun is in full force. How are you protecting your eyes?

Sunglasses aren’t just for looking cool. While on the bike, they protect your eyes from harmful rays as well as debris that can get kicked up from the road or path. Of course, they can still look cool, too.


SPY + Eyewear Sunglasses Cycling Quanta Sebastian Hegevall-Clarke Higher GearThe Spy Screw was named by Runner’s World as one of their top ten favorite sunglasses for protection and style. This is their review from their June 2013 magazine:

Available in three different lens sizes, the Screw line of sunglasses offers clear vision and a solid grip no matter the size of your face.

The Screw Under features a smaller shield, while the Screw Over offers the most coverage.

This pair’s frame features a vent at the hinge, allowing air to flow freely. The two largest lenses are also vented at the top to prevent fogging.

While the nosepiece is not adjustable, its pads are tacky enough to stick anywhere on your nose, and the frame shape ensures that the glasses sit far enough from your face.



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More praise for the Spy Screw:

Super comfortable. Hugging design assures no slipping, even on a sweaty face. Breathe well to minimize fogging. Great visual field. Easy to swap out lenses. I ride about 200 miles/week…and these screws never leave my face.

I recently switched over to Spy… The fit is perfect with any of the regular helmets I rotate through, and the frame itself is crazy light…meaning I can ride and/or race all day in these and not get that compression headache common with other eyewear… Next, the optical quality is perfect and the lens selection makes it easy to cycle through a few different shades based on conditions… Lastly, the lens shape perfectly protects my eyes from wind, mud, road stuff, and whatever else threatens your eyes while riding and they just plain look good on your face. Really hard to go wrong with a model that has all of these positives…

As a cyclist I have tried all the major optic brands, I have never used an all around quality product like my Spy’s. they are lightweight, comfortable, and the lenses do not fog up. Not to mention they are stylish and make all my friends envious. The lenses also are easy to interchange, functional an reliable, couldn’t ask for more. Satisfaction guaranteed.


Read more about Spy Optic and the models we stock in-store.

In addition to protecting your eyes from the sun, also wear sunscreen.

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