Specialized Turbo Cotton Tires

A great set of tires can change the way a bike rides. Specialized offers a wide range of road tires, built for better grip and lower resistance in all terrains and climates.

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Specialized’s GRIPTON Compound is the best out there. When combined with an ultra-supple 320 TPI cotton casing, you get a tire that’s very special. You get the Turbo Cotton tire.

Both materials stand for master craftsmanship, and they work in harmony to reflect Specialized’s dedication to building the world’s fastest tires.

By bringing both of these materials together, Specialized has created the best clincher tire out there. It provides a clear-cut performance advantage.



Praise for the Specialized Turbo Cotton Tires:

“Cotton deforms to the road surface with less energy and when it comes to suppleness, high thread count cotton is the gold standard. Not only does this lower rolling resistance, it improves handling and Specialized’s move to wider tires, 24mm and 26mm, compounds these benefits.” – Peloton Magazine

“The new S-Works Turbo Cotton isn’t just fast – it also rides incredibly well and is extremely grippy.” – Bike Radar

“If you fit these with latex tubes, I’m convinced it will be very hard to find faster tires.” – Bicycle Rolling Resistance, Rated 5 out of 5 stars

“What most people will notice is that these feel utterly fantastic to ride… In addition to producing very low rolling resistance, the supple construction yields a gloriously silky-smooth ride quality that we would argue rivals the best tubulars (at least when paired with similarly high-performance inner tubes). It glides across rough pavement and yet serves up incredibly tactile road feel. Grip is prodigious and the labeling is spot-on.” – Bike Radar

“After riding these for a couple of weeks, I can say that I’ve never ridden a nicer clincher. Cornering is fantastic, road feel is great, and when it’s wet, grip is exceptional — closely approaching that of a top-end cotton tubular.” – Leonard Zinn for VeloNews



Higher Gear customers and the pros agree: the difference is in the feel. With greater grip, you’ll feel more confident in the corners.


Aaron Sherrick Specialized Tarmac Turbo Cotton Zipp Team Wattie Ink triathlon


“When handling your bike on the limit is required, the Turbo Cotton delivers.” – Peloton Magazine


Reduced rolling resistance gives a smoother feel. More importantly, smoother truly is faster.

Specialized’s cotton clincher tires are the next best thing to – perhaps even better than – cotton sew-ups. They make a great race day tire for Tony Martin or anyone who wants more speed and better handling.

Change the way you ride. Contact us at Higher Gear to order your next pair of clincher race tires.


Learn more about the Specialized Turbo line of tires >>



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