Specialized S-Works Turbo

Specialized SWorks Turbo cotton clincher tire Vincenzo Nibali Tour de FranceHave you heard? Specialized is back in the tire game.

When Specialized began in 1974, one of the first things they designed were clincher road tires. In fact, they led the way for high performance clincher tires. Over the past couple decades, Specialized’s R&D has been putting their time and effort into bikes. (Really awesome bikes, in our humble opinion.) Recently, however, they decided to return to their roots. And what they came up with, just like their bikes, turned out to be a winner!

The new S-Works Turbo is the fastest tire in the world. In the first four months it was raced, two grand tours and the road world championships were won on S-Works turbo tires.


Specialized SWorks Turbo cotton clincher tire Tony Martin TT World Champion


Why is the all new S-Works Turbo better?

  • The new dual-compound Gripton rubber with slick center tread offer speed and confidence.
  • The new S-Works Turbo casing is smoother and we know what that means: smoother is faster.
  • The improved blackbelt barrier protection offers increased durability.
  • It’s versatile. The S-Works Turbo is offered in a variety of sizes in clincher, tubeless, tubular and, the ultimate in speed, cotton clincher.*


* The S-Works Turbo cotton clincher version, a race day only tire, is literally the fastest tire you can possibly put on your bike and has won World TT’s under Tony Martin. Just know that the Cotton gives up SOME flat protection for extra speed.


Smoother is Faster, Wider is Better

Large tire casings with an increased tire volume and lower pressure are more supple than smaller casings, more responsive to surface irregularity and, as a result, roll more smoothly over a given surface. This means larger volume tires roll faster over that surface. Yes, that’s right. We’re talking about tires that are larger, softer, smoother, more comfortable AND faster.


Specialized SWorks Turbo cotton clincher tire Vincenzo Nibali Tour de France


Independent lab testing demonstrates that the S-Works Turbo has the lowest rolling resistance of any other road tire in the world. It is 30% more resistant to flats and 10% faster than its nearest competitor. It also offers amazing grip and suppleness.

Come in to Higher Gear to ask us about the all new S-Works Turbo. Discover for yourself that Smoother is Faster.

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