Specialized Keeps Getting Better

You know we’re huge fans of Specialized. And we think you should be too.

The company has a history of innovation. Never allowing themselves to stagnate, they stay on top of their game. The following are some of the recent announcements that have come out of Specialized recently:


Specialized Bicycles Carbon Fiber Recycling Program Sustainability SustainableCarbon Fiber Recycling Program

Thousands of carbon fiber bicycles end up in landfills each year. Specialized wants to change that. Based on existing carbon fiber recycling programs used by the aerospace industry, they are steering bikes away from the landfills and back into usable goods. This recycling program is part of Specialized’s ongoing commitment to sustainability.


Specialized Transition Expert triathlete Aaron Sherrick Racine 70.3 triathlonSpecialized Takes You To Kona

With all your focus on training and your race, who wants to worry about logistics?

Here’s the deal. You qualify for the IronMan World Championship in Kona and Specialized will get your bike there. That’s it.

How cool is that? We think it’s pretty cool. It’s one of the many reasons we love Specialized.


Commitment to Sustainability

Specialized has committed to becoming stewards of the environment. Believing in their obligation to drive better practices in sourcing & manufacturing of performance products globally, they are working with other programs to drive change across suppliers, materials, and design. In the process, Specialized has defined their values as such:

• Designing for the smallest footprint in the highest performance products.

• Identifying opportunities to minimize waste by maximizing material efficiencies and finding the best outcome for the materials we can’t use.

• Responsible water use.

• Finding the best material for each application and banning the use of materials known to be harmful.

• Working to find the highest use for materials at the end of life.

• Ongoing collaboration with other brands and suppliers towards more sustainable practices for people and products.

Specialized Bicycles Sustainability Innovation Sustainable Recycling



We’re not the only ones who are impressed with Specialized. In fact, the company has received well-deserved recognition this year.

S-WORKS TARMAC SL4Bicycling Magazine‘s 2012 Editors’ Choice Race Bike

S-WORKS EPIC CARBON 29 XTR – Bicycling Magazine‘s 2012 Editors’ Choice XC Race 29er

ALLEZ SPORT COMPACT – Bike Radar‘s Best road bikes under $1,000

SIRRUSOutside Magazine‘s Best $500 road bike

2013 Specialized SWorks Tarmac SL4 Shimano Di2 electronic shifting Red White Black

2013 Specialized S-Works
Tarmac SL4 Di2

2013 Specialized SWorks Carbon Epic 29er SRAM Satin Carbon Red

2013 Specialized S-Works
Epic Carbon 29er

2013 Specialized Allez C2 aluminum road bike

2013 Specialized Allez

2013 Specialized Sirrus

2013 Specialized Sirrus


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