Serfas Lights in the Spotlight

SERFAS makes high quality lights available in a range of lumens and prices.

Whatever your lighting needs, for your safety, we recommend investing in high quality bike lights.

One of Higher Gear’s go-to brands is Serfas. We think they sell some of the best bicycle lights on the market at reasonable prices. You get a lot of lumens for your dollar. Here are some of our favorite lights from this manufacturer:



The Serfas TSL-1500 ($390) is a water-resistant helmet headlight that’s incredibly powerful; it produces over 1500 lumens in overdrive mode. Its Litium Ion fuel cell delivers up to 2.5 hours of night riding pleasure and up to 15 hours or riding time on lower settings. This powerful light comes with a handlebar mount, helmet mount, extra long extension cable, wall charger and transport pouch.

The SERFAS TSL-1500 True 1500 Lumen Headlight is the real deal.

I bought this light in July 2011 for night riding on the streets. This light is totally incredible, all other lights are wimpy by comparison. If price is not a concern and you want to see and be seen, this is the light for you!!! Be prepared…it is exceptionally powerful !!! This light works flawlessly. – David (Newark, OH)

In one word : WOW! In few: It’s so powerful that I have to ride with my sunglasses on… The beams make the night so bright and clear that those who ride behind me don’t need their lights on. The battery is well secured to my stem and recharging is super fast. – Stacy (Los Angeles, CA)


Serfas TSL-500 True 500 Headlight

Serfas TSL-500 True 500 Headlight gives you more bang for your buck.

The Serfas TSL-500 True Headlight commands your attention on the road or on the darkest mountain trail. It puts out over 500 lumens in overdrive mode at a reasonable $150 price tag. In its lowest setting (100 lumens), this light can last up to 8 hours. This lightweight, compact light includes a handlebar mount, helmet mount, USB Charger, and Wall Charger adapter. The $120 version does not include the wall charger or helmet mount.

Best light I’ve ever seen I might as well use this as my jeep spotlight at night it’s so bright. The mount is an easy transition between my mountain bike and my road bike the mount can swivel in a ratcheting style making it easy to adjust the location of your beam. – Adam (Little Rock, AR)


Serfas TSL-150 True 150 Headlight Helmet Light

Experience the night like never before with the Serfas TSL-150 True 150 Headlight.

The Serfas TSL-150 True Light ($65) is a compact yet powerful front-facing bike light. Its quick-release handlebar mount is perfect for those who want to “grab and go” without much fuss. This small headlight packs a powerful punch; whether used on your helmet or handlebar, the bright light gives you a visibility up to 150 yards. For a fast and convenient charge, connect it to your computer with a USB port for a 3.5 hour reload. The $85 version comes with a wall charger and a helmet mount.

I have owned many lights, been using them for years, this light is not only a great light, it is an incredible value. – Burnsey (Asheville, NC)



Serfas Thunderbolt USB USL-6 Headlight rechargeable

The Serfas Thunderbolt USL-6 Headlight gives you high-performance and endless mounting options for a great price.

The Serfas Thunderbolt (USB) USL-6 Headlight is a $45 headlight that puts out 90 lumens, giving you plenty of light to safely arrive at your destination. Even better, those 90 lumens come in a non-directional beam to cover a wider area. The USB-rechargeable Thunderbolt can be mounted virtually anywhere on the front of your bike—from the handlebars to the fork. The Thunderbolt comes in 7 different colors. The Thunderbolt (USB) UST-6 Taillight, the 35 lumen rear light version, also retails for $45.

WOW!!!!! Both front and rear lights are amazing! Great looking and so bright! The colors they come in are great and best of all, they are USB rechargable. – Gareth (San Francisco, CA)


Serfas USL-5 Raider USB Headlight rechargeable

Serfas USL-5 Raider USB Headlight offers quick and easy mounting.

For those on a budget, go with the Serfas USL-5 Raider USB with a 360 swivel. This 5 LED headlight produces 70 lumens and has a burn time of 6.5 hours. This is another front-facing bicycle light, with 180 degrees of visibility that is easy to attach and remove. For the same price ($40), pick up the Serfas USL-5R Raider USB tail light. This rear light puts out 40 lumens in 180 degrees and swivels 360 degrees. It is also USB rechargeable and simple to mount.

I really felt quite safe riding with this unit. What I hadn’t expected was that the light out of this little guy was brite enough to actually see the road pretty well. – Stingraybaron (Oak Park, MI)


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