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What Bicycling Feels Like“Like a kid at Christmas.” It’s a phrase we use to express a feeling we knew from childhood. How can we capture that feeling of sheer joy again?

The anticipation of Christmas morning is overwhelming. What gift could possibly match that anticipation?

Higher Gear has an idea. How about a new bicycle?

We all remember our first bike. It’s more than two wheels. It’s the sunshine above. It’s the wind in our face. It’s the unknown ahead. It’s absolute freedom!

At Higher Gear, we offer kids bikes by Specialized. From confidence-building walking and coaster bikes to big kid’s mountain bikes, Specialized offers the best quality and value for your little rider.

Even the tiniest coaster bike is built in aluminum – so that parents don’t have a heavy load when bringing kids bikes in at the end of the day. Aluminum also won’t rust when the bikes are accidentally left outside overnight!

Specialized Hotwalk Girl Gloss Pink

Specialized Hotwalk

Specialized Hotwalk Girl Pink

Specialized Hotwalk – Rider’s Perspective








The Hotwalk, Specialized’s walking bike with foot platforms, is low and light enough for toddlers to scoot around without Mom and Dad’s help. It’s adjustable bar height lends versatility as your child grows. Specialized Rhythm Lite Sport tires will take a kid from the driveway to the dirt confidently and the lightweight alloy rims are tough enough for any curb-hopping adventure.


2013 Specialized Hotrock 16 Red White Black Gloss Kids Bike Training Wheels

Specialized Hotrock 16″

2013 Specialized Kids Bike Hotrock 24 7-spd Purple Pink Gloss

Specialized Hotrock 24″ 7-speed








Specialized’s Hotrock is available in a 12″, 16″ and 20″ coaster bike, a 20″ 6-speed with hand brakes in a street or all-terrain version, a 24″ 7-speed or a 24″ 21-speed in a street or all-terrain version. Handbrakes – for those bikes with that feature – are adjustable to fit small hands appropriately.


2013 Specialized Hardrock xs 13 Green Black White

Specialized Hardrock

2013 Speclialized Kids Bike Myka HT Blue White Gloss 13 xs

Specialized Myka HT








Young rippers—and new rippers of every age—ride the Hardrock and Myka because of their durability, versatility, and capability. Whether cruising through urban environs en route to school or work, tearing up some local singletrack or poaching a shortcut through the woods to a friend’s house, these recreational bikes are built to endure the paces your young rider can inflict.


Knog Party Frank Cable Sausage Lock

Knog Party Frank Cable Locks

Whatever your little one’s cycling needs are, we’ve got you covered.

Don’t worry, we have big kid’s “toys”too!


Younger siblings who suffer the fate of hand-me-downs* appreciate the small touches that can make a bike new to them. Streamers and bells are just some of the additions that can personalize a bike and make it feel special. They also make great stocking stuffer presents.

More stocking stuffers for kids include Knog Party Frank locks and lights that make your child more visible. Check out our selection of SockGuy socks in lots of kid-friendly designs for girls and boys.

* Parents, never recycle helmets. A helmet has a shelf life of  3-5 years & that’s without the abuse, drops and scrapes kids put them through. A helmet makes a great gift and is another way to personalize a ride.

2013 Specialized Flash Helmet Purple Kids Girls

Specialized Flash Helmet – Purple

2013 Specialized Flash Helmet Green Kids Boys

Specialized Flash Helmet – Green

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