June is for Celebrating Dads & Grads

June is the month we celebrate the men who have raised us or who are raising our kids. It’s also the time of year we take our hats off to those who have put in the hard work and are graduating high school or university before heading on to the next step in their lives.

But what to get the man who has everything or the kid who is difficult to buy for? Higher Gear is here to help you choose gifts for the dad and grads in your life. We’re taking the stress out of your gift buying decisions so that you can relax and enjoy the celebrations this June.

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A Day in the Sun

Who doesn’t like baseball? And bikes? And a barbecue? And beer? And who wouldn’t want to combine them all into one grand day?

Higher Gear’s fourth annual Gran Fondo Hundo is a reason to celebrate in itself, as our 100 riders pedal 100 kilometers to raise funds for World Bicycle Relief. It’s a great way to celebrate the accomplishment of training on the bike all summer long. It’s also a great day to celebrate dads and grads.

Learn more about Higher Gear’s Gran Fondo Hundo >>

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Higher Gear Bike Fit Studio Bicycle Specialized BG FitThe Ride of Their Life

Many people believe that a Bike Fit is just for the pros. But they’re wrong.

For a relatively small amount of money, a Bike Fit can make the difference between having fun on the bike and suffering on the bike. A Bike Fit puts you in the optimal position on your bike, given your individual shape, size, flexibility, strengths, imbalances and fitness level at any given time.

A Bike Fit is also for anyone who is looking to improve performance on their bike. A few tweaks here and there – a millimeter difference in seat height, a fraction of a degree on the stem angle, a minute adjustment to cleat placement – can make sure you’re maximizing your effort to get the most power out of every pedal.

Maximize comfort. Maximize power. Get fit.

Learn more about Higher Gear’s BG Fit >>


A Head Worthy of Protecting

Specialized Prevail 2 II Helmet cycling bike pro SWorks Aaron Sherrick Wattie InkDads and grads have something in common: they both have a lot of knowledge in their brain that’s worth protecting.

At Higher Gear, we advocate for wearing a helmet when you ride. In fact, we insist you wear a helmet when you ride with us. We offer helmets in a wide range of price points. All the helmets we offer are from trusted brands, pass rigorous safety checks and are designed to protect your head in the event of a crash. What sets the higher end helmets apart are their style, (minimal) weight, comfort, aerodynamics and ventilation. Prevailing in each of these categories is the Specialized Prevail 2 Helmet.

The Prevail 2 has be redesigned to have a lower profile, to increase ventilation and to decrease noise. It’s the helmet most commonly seen on professional riders in the world tours. It would sure look good on you dad or grad.

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Specialized Sworks Turbo Tire Higher Gear WilmetteSmooth Isn’t Just for Shaving

Smoother is faster. Period.

Smooth legs. Smooth roads. Smooth tires.

The results speak for themselves. Both in the laboratory and in the field, Specialized Turbo Tires beat out the competition. Dad is smooth, but is he Specialized smooth?

Discover how smoother is faster >>

Learn what makes these the fastest tires in the world >>

Learn more about Specialized Turbo Cotton Tires for race day >>

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Abus Bordo red bike bicycle lock securityA Great Investment

For the student who rides to class or the dad who rides to work, what better way to protect their means of transportation than a lightweight but tough bike lock?

The ABUS Bordo Lite Lock‘s strength rivals that of U-Locks, but folds to become more compact than a coiling lock. Its compact design offers many frame mounting possibilities. Locks are lightweight enough to avoid being burdensome, however you choose to mount or carry it. And it’s compact enough to fit just about anywhere.

Learn More About the ABUS Bordo Locks >>

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Specialized Purist Water Bottle InsulatedKeep Cool

It doesn’t take long for tasty ice water (or your drink of choice whilst riding) to warm up in a normal bottle. An insulated water bottle can bring you hours of refreshment.

The Specialized Purist Insulated Water Bottle can make for a better day out on the bike. The insulated bottle keeps liquids cold, despite rising temperatures.

Keep cool all summer long by keeping your drink cool on the bike.

Learn why the Specialized Purist Water Bottle is the next best thing to drinking out of glass >>

Discover why the Specialized Purist Insulated Water Bottle is even better >>

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The Perfect Gift for Everyone

Higher Gear has something for every dad and grad on your list this June.

Not sure what to get? You can’t go wrong with a Higher Gear Gift Card! Stop by the shop to pick up one up!





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