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Summer is officially over. Shorter days are coming. Many of us are through the toughest training for our 2012 season. (Then again, for some, the sufferfest has only begun.)

Wherever you are in your training, one thing is certain. It’s time to start thinking of your game plan for 2013. Will you be joining the ranks of the many who are giving triathlon a try? Will 2013 be your year to conquer the elusive 100 mile distance? Will you move from solo rides to give group rides a try?

What will you do to take yourself out of your comfort zone and push your cycling fitness further?

Computraining CompuTrainer Studio Higher Gear Highland ParkMany cyclists train with power as a way to measure effort. They use products like the CycleOps PowerTap or SRAM Quarq while training and racing. For those of us not yet ready to make that investment, the Midwest winter offers the ideal opportunity to take advantage of training with power in the CompuTrainer Studio.

Why train with power? We’ve seen cyclists take more than an hour off their century time. We’ve witnessed long-course triathletes who raised their speed on the bike and saved enough energy for their run to cut an hour off their race times. What will you do with your increased power?


If you’re interested in training in our CompuTrainer studio this season, we’d love to hear from you. Please take a moment to answer a few questions so that we can know how to better serve you. Thank you.

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