I Am Specialized: 2012 Dealer Event

As we start to reach the peak of our riding season, the engineers at Specialized are thinking about the future. Last week, Higher Gear co-owner, Brendan Sullivan, joined the entire Specialized team at their annual dealer event. This year the event was held in Snowbird, UT. It was a great event that showcased the Specialized products coming next year and into the future.Specialized Distribution Center Bike Wash

The event started with a tour of the west coast distribution center for Specialized in Salt Lake City, UT. A 250,000 square foot facility, the distribution center is state-of-the-art and designed to always make sure the Specialized customers of Higher Gear get the right products when they are ready to ride. Also located in the distribution center are their quality teams and customer service. It was incredible to see all the resources Specialized has to make sure the Higher Gear customers have a great experience on their bikes.

The Gearhead Cross Team (& our commuters) would love the bike wash they have in the distribution center. Every Specialized employee who rides their bike to work can wash off their bike before heading to work.

Specialized put on a trade show of all the 2013 products from bikes to saddles, shoes to apparel. The Specialized dealers were all treated to two demo days; one featuring the best of the mountain bike line and the second focused on their performance road bikes.

Specialized S-Works Roubaix SL4Throughout the three days, each product group also had a chance to present their newest products coming out next year.

The performance road category was very exciting, leading with the endurance road bike, the S-Works Roubaix SL4, that Tom Boonen rode to one of his many wins this season. With Zertz inserts integrated into the frame, the engineers at Specialized have designed a frame that hits on two key attributes: vertical compliance and vibration damping.

Specialized Venge at 2012 Dealer Event


The performance road category also featured the latest in the Venge line, which is certain to be a big hit for the more spirited riders and racers; seeking the more aggressive geometry and the aerodynamic benefits of the aero road bike. The image here is the bike that Brendan Sullivan rode during the road bike demo session. Easy climbing and stable and fast on the descent, this is an incredible bike.


The fitness and urban bikes showed that Specialized is focused on understanding who their riding customer is and how they ride, then making sure they’ve got the perfect bike for that need. Whether you are going to commute, enjoy adventure, looking for recreation on your rides or simply desire comfort, they bikes in the fitness and urban category are all designed with the rider in mind.

With upgrades to the wheels on their Sirrus line, adjustments to the cross trail geometry, lightening of the weight on the Crossroads, Specialized demonstrates that they are constantly making improvements in the interest of the rider.

Also featured in the fitness and urban bike line is an exclusive World Bike Relief Sirrus. With fewer than 100 of these made globally, Specialized is offering this bike with a charitable idea in mind. For each of these bikes sold, Specialized with donate one Buffalo bike to the World Bike Relief cause in Africa. Look for more details on this bike coming from Higher Gear at the end of the summer.

The closing event was a huge hit – a cross race for the Specialized dealers, joined by the iconic Ned Overend. The Gearheads would have loved the scene. It was a great way to wrap up a terrific three-day event.

2012 Specialized Dealer Event CX Closing Event2012 Specialized Dealer Event CX Closing Night








Higher Gear Brendan Sullivan with Ned Overend at 2012 Specialized Dealer Event

 Higher Gear has already started receiving some of the 2013 products and more will become available into the fall. If you are thinking about making your future of cycling better, now is the time to come into Higher Gear and start talking with us about the next mile of your riding passion. Specialized has some great products that can be a part of your future.

I am Specialized.


Check out Brendan’s photos from the Specialized Dealer Event below. To see more photos from the Cyclocross Night Closing Event, ‘like’ our Facebook page.

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