Holiday Gift Ideas for the Racers and Roadies

From head-to-toe, racers and roadies need gear that is reliable, durable and guaranteed to help them during both training and race-day rides..

S-Works Tarmac SL3 SRAM is one of the top racing bikes on the market

Few things would make the roadie or racer on your holiday gift list happier than a new racing bike, and Specialized’s S-Works Tarmac SL3 SRAM is the very top of the line. Is it pricey? At $7,000, the answer is yes. But we can confidently tell you that it’s one of the top racing bikes on the market. This pro-level bike touts itself as the best handling and highest-performing racer on the road. A proven winner, the S-Works Tarmac SL3 SRAM has helped riders place on the top of podiums all around the world.

S-Works Prevail is a racers dream; it’s lightweight yet incredibly durable

Every cyclist needs a good helmet, but racers and roadies need to be sure that they are protected so they can focus on beating their personal bests. A helmet that fits the bill is Specialized’s S-Works Prevail Helmet. The price range on these is $180 to $230, The S-Works Prevail is a racers dream; it’s lightweight yet incredibly durable. And the comfort and ventilation it provides, in addition to the ultra-lightweight construction, is unmatched.

Every racer and roadie who wants to learn more about bike maintenance, get them a gift certificate to half day Park Tool Mechanics Class offered every 2 weeks at Higher Gear.

The staff at Higher Gear has more suggestions on holiday gifts for racers or to pick up any of the items mentioned above. We take every budget into consideration so you can get something useful and thoughtful for the racer and/or roadie in your life.

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