Fall Tune-Up

Fair weather cyclist? There’s no shame in that! You’ll stay toasty warm and be ready to hit the tarmac again come spring 2018 in our CompuTrainer Studio all winter long. But before you rack your bike on the indoor trainer (or hang it up for the year), now is a great time to undo any damage done outdoors so far this year.

Brakes misaligned? Need new cables? Time to replace your cassette?

It’s time to get your bike into the hands of a professional!


Higher Gear Gearhead cyclocross cx cross mud SRAM CX1 drivetrain


A tune-up provides routine maintenance on your bike. Most importantly, it allows our expert mechanics an opportunity to look over the moving parts on your bike.

Our Complete Overhaul makes your bike “like new” again. Our shop manager explains: “This overhaul basically strips your bike, cleans and inspects everything and then ‘pro-builds’ it back up again.”

Higher Gear mechanic Maxx breaks it down for us:

“We take off all the parts, including the brakes, derailleur, crank and even the bottom bracket. We strip the bike down to just frame and fork. The bike is thoroughly washed and all parts go through the parts washer to get degreased and cleaned.”


Higher Gear Wilmette bike bicycle service tuneup overhaul tune up parts washer degreaser


“We go over EVERYTHING. We remove the bottom bracket, build it back up and lubricate it up. We removed the headset, build it back up and lubricate it. We lubricate all the hubs.

“We Loctite bolts that need it. We lubricate bolts that need it. We go as in-depth as the water bottle cage bolts on the bike.”


Maxx summarizes the Complete Overhaul: “We un-build the bike, wash it all and then build it back up ‘to spec,’ as it was when it was new.”


Whether you plan to rack your bike in our CT Studio all winter or you plan to hang it in the garage until next spring, now is a great time to bring your bike in to Higher Gear for a Complete Overhaul.

Maxx Hall Higher Gear Wilmette mechanic bike bicycle repairMake your bike like new again!

Stop in or give us a call to schedule your Complete Overhaul >>

Check out all of our tune-up options >>


If your bike parts are feeling old and tired, or if you’re experiencing gear envy, tune-up time is also a great time to think about upgrades for the 2018 season. Consider how upgrades can bring new life to your old bike >>





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