Fall (for) Colors

2012 Bianchi Milano Lady Altus 8speed small Cortina Dama Met Blue Cream 42cm



November skies are notorious for being gray. For the past several years we’ve seen so many variations of black and white on bikes, we’ve been seeing gray for quite some time.

2013 bikes have been arriving in the shop and we’ve been delighted by the splashes of color we’re seeing. From high-end bikes to kids bikes, from colorful accents to bikes in full color, we think the new black is not black at all!



2013 Specialized Venge Expert M2 Red White 58cm

2013 Specialized Venge Expert M2 Red/White


It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s a perfectly balanced combination of weight, stiffness, and aerodynamics wrapped in a red cloak. The Specialized Venge’s competition-crushing combo of Tarmac-inspired stiffness and light weight with Shiv-inspired aerodynamics is a sight in red. Those looking for an aero road bike to step up their game and to turn heads, look no further.



2013 Scott CR1 Team M 54cm black green

2013 Scott CR1 Team


The SCOTT CR1 Team offers the perfect balance of performance and comfort. Designed from the inside out to absorb shock and vibration created by irregularities in the road, the CR1 offers a very smooth and stable ride, reducing rider fatigue and making any ride more enjoyable. Take your gloss black carbon and add accents of color – to make your competitors green with envy.



2013 Specialized Amira Sport C2 51cm Satin Carbon Pink

2013 Specialized Amira Sport C2
Satin Carbon/Pink


Isn’t she pretty in pink? She’s more than a looker; the Specialized Amira has racing in her blood. For the Amira rider, the road is her racecourse. These speed-hungry riders and racers want to push their limits and the limits of their bikes. Since these women are focused on performance, they demand an ultralight, stiff, and efficient bike for all-out speed. But that doesn’t mean they can’t demand a little bling. After all, diamonds are hard but they also sparkle.


Here’s a closer look at the color accents on this beauty:

2013 Specialized Amira Sport C2 51cm Satin Carbon Pink2013 Specialized Amira Sport C2 51cm Satin Carbon Pink


2013 Specialized Allez Elite 52cm yellow charcoal black

2013 Specialized Allez Elite


For speed-hungry road riders and racers looking for high performance and pro- level looks without the heavy price tag of carbon, there’s no better tool than the race-inspired Allez. These cyclists are often new to the sport, but they want a fast, efficient, and lightweight bike that can take their riding to the next level.  What a better way to make your cycling debut than to soar like a butterfly but sting like a bee?



2013 Specialized Dolce Elite C2 EQ 51cm Gloss black pink

2013 Specialized Dolce Elite C2 EQ
Gloss Black/Pink


From social rides to weekly workouts to first triathlons, recreational riders want an unintimidating bike that will help them achieve their fitness goals without breaking the bank. These women are looking for the kind of comfort, stability, and control that will make riding feel effortless. Since looking good is also a priority, Specialized went all out, accessorizing this beauty in pink.

For women looking for an alternate to pink, check out the Gloss Black/Purple option. The gloss paint sparkles in the sunlight.

2013 Specialied Dolce Compact 48cm gloss purple black

2013 Specialied Dolce Compact
Gloss Purple/Black


2013 Specialied Dolce Compact 48cm gloss purple black2013 Specialized Aspire Helmet Womens



2013 Specialized Ariel Disc M gloss purple black white gold

2013 Specialized Ariel Disc
Gloss Purple/Black/White/Gold


For a bike that will shine in the sunlight and in the mud, check out the Ariel Sport in Gloss Purple. She’s a beauty but she’s tough. With a calculated mixture of road bike and mountain bike features, the Ariel is for the rider looking to zip through the weekday commute and head out for weekend adventure. 2013 Specialized Ariel Disc M gloss purple black white gold




2013 Specialized Vita Sport M gloss teal white Riva Bell

2013 Specialized Vita Sport
Gloss Teal/White


Vita riders want the speed of a road bike with the comfort and confidence that comes from a flat bar. Whether exercising, commuting, or hitting the open road, their ideal bike fits great out of the box and is versatile, light, fast, and stable—one that’s comfortable enough for recreational rides, but still packs enough performance for the occasional event ride or triathlon. Specialized created a matching helmet in teal but on some days, we like to pair with a sassy helmet instead.


2013 Bianchi Volpe 55cm Slate Blue Cyclocross Steel Frame Bike

2013 Bianchi Volpe
Slate Blue


For those looking for a steel touring bike, appropriate for long trips or local ones, the Bianchi Volpe will have you arriving in style. Outfitted with mounts for a rear rack and front and back fenders, panniers can be easily added. Bicycle Times reports that the Volpe is built for a more comfortable, slightly upright position, while still allowing for powerful pedaling and steering responsiveness.



2013 Specialized Expedition Sport low entry L blue white silver

2013 Specialized Expedition Sport
Low Entry – Blue/White/Silver


Expedition riders enjoy the leisure and laid-back pace of the bike path, boardwalk, and neighborhood loop. Whether back in the saddle for fitness, an alternative mode of transportation, or an excuse to spend more time with the family, they’re less interested in performance and more concerned with all-around comfort and stability. But laid-back doesn’t mean boring; even leisurely riders deserve color in their ride!



2013 Scott Speedster Junior 24 black green

2013 Scott Speedster Junior 24


The SCOTT Speedster Junior is the light junior road racing bike to fulfill all dads’ dreams. Just like dad’s bike, only in junior’s proportions. Dad only wishes he started out on this bike!2013 Specialized Flash Helmet Green Kids Boys





2013 Specialized Hardrock xs 13 Green Black White

2013 Specialized Hardrock


Young rippers—and new rippers of every age—ride the Hardrock because of its durability, versatility, and capability, whether cruising through urban environs en route to school or work, tearing up some local mountain singletrack, or poaching a shortcut through the woods to a friend’s house.



2013 Specialized Myka HT 13 xs gloss white teal green

2013 Specialized Myka
Gloss White/Teal/Green


Whether riding singletrack, doubletrack, or a mellow fire road, Specialized Myka riders are often new mountain bikers looking to hit the dirt for the first time or hone their skills on a value-packed hardtail. Using the bike mainly for recreation, they want a fun and confident ride that will help them pursue their next trail adventure.2013 Specialized Myka HT 13 xs gloss white teal green





2013 colors are at Higher Gear. In addition to the models above, we have more bikes and colors in stock for men, women and children. We have an aluminum endurance road bike in Cobra racing colors. We also have fitness hybrids and commuter bikes in black with splashes of color (blue or green). If you still prefer classic black, we’ve got you covered too.

Visit our 2013 Bikes album on Facebook to see more bikes and colors. Stop in to either Higher Gear location to try a color on for size. Celebrate the colors of the fall season with us!

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