Entry-Level Road Bikes

Thinking about getting into road cycling? It’s easy to get caught up in state-of-the-art materials and gadgets. Keep in mind, you can always upgrade components and wheelsets and add features. The most important factor when purchasing a new bike is FIT. Period.

Your budget will dictate the material for your bike. (Expect to pay twice as much for carbon as for aluminum.) It will also dictate your time frame for making upgrades, whether they come within a season or a year or two later.

Getting a properly fitting bike is your first priority. At Higher Gear, we have a variety of entry-level bikes to fit every budget. In fact, Bicycling.com just listed two of our bikes as their favorite entry-level bikes:


2013 Specialized Allez Elite 52cm yellow charcoal black

2013 Specialized Allez Elite

2013 Scott Speedster Junior 24 black green

2013 Scott Speedster Junior 24








Specialized Allez

Bicycling.com loves the Allez as it’s been updated for 2013. Here’s what they have to say:

The venerable Allez’s aluminum frame incorporates some frame tech that helps the bike to ride smoother—and feel lighter—than some carbon models. The Comp SRAM version, which is outfitted with dependable SRAM Apex components, is equipped for racing or long rides.

The Allez is the aluminum version of Specialized’s race-ready Tarmac. It’s built as an aggressive road-racing machine for those on an aluminum budget.


SCOTT Speedster 30

Bicycling.com drools over the Speedster as much as we do:

Scott has done an admirable job of packing value into this bike. The frame is made of double-butted aluminum drawn into shapes similar to the aero designs found on the Foil. That shaping makes this one of the least expensive aero road bikes currently on the market. While the S30 isn’t nearly as light as the Foil, it slips through headwinds just as easily.

In Bicyling.com‘s full review, they offer this tidy summary of the SCOTT Speedster 30:

At just over $1,000, this is a bike for enthusiasts seeking the type of versatile, 10-speed-style bike many of us grew up with. Its blend of comfort and value is ideal for riders who plan to speed through a few charity rides each year.


Specialized Secteur

2013 Specialized Secteur Sport C2 58cm Cobra blue white silver

2013 Specialized Secteur Sport C2

Another entry-level bike on our list again for this year is the Specialized Secteur. With the same geometry as the Specialized Roubaix, this endurance road bike is ready to tackle your first century when you are. Bicycling.com likes the Secteur for recreational riders who are looking for a more relaxed geometry in their bike:

It’s a recreational bike, but it feels speedy and responsive. It’s fun to ride, through the neighborhood or on out a country road. Take it across broken pavement and you won’t feel beaten up.



Is this your first bike purchase? Check out Bicycling.com‘s questions to ask your bike shop in In the Market for a New Bike?

Higher Gear has the right bike to match your riding style and your budget. Don’t wait for the warmer weather; pick out your bike now and be ready to ride when the warmer weather does arrive! Our friendly experts can help you get fit for your new – and first – bike.

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