Cyclocross – A Bike For All Seasons

Perhaps you’re ready to switch sides of the yellow Do Not Cross tape, to go from passing out the bacon hand-ups to being on the receiving end. If so, we’ve got the entry level cyclocross bike for you.

Perhaps you have a couple years of practice under your belt and you’re ready to step up your cyclocross (CX) ride this season. What you want is a Tarmac for dirt. We have full carbon cyclocross bikes, like the Specialized CruX in full carbon. Our customers demand it and we’re on board with the trend. Higher Gear has 2013 cyclocross bikes with disc brakes in stock and ready for your next CX adventure.

Then again, maybe you’re still on the fence about ‘cross. You wouldn’t mind a bike that can handle your trips over curbs and through Chicago’s pothole-ridden streets this winter. You are seeking an alternative that is a bionic commuter bike. Many people are turning to cyclocross bikes as their all-around, around town and commuter bikes.

Some of the cyclocross frame’s distinctions also make it a great commuter or winter bike. Having the bottom bracket higher off the ground means you’re able to clear more obstacles, like curbs or chunks of ice. The wider fork and chain stays allow for a heavier duty wheel and wider tires. (We have many fans of the studded tires for riding across the ice in the winter.) For those who opt for disc brakes, you can ride through snow, sleet and mud and be confident in your stopping ability.

2013 Specialized Crux Comp Disc Brakes Cyclocross Bike

Specialized CruX Comp Disc Apex

Specialized Crux Comp cyclocross bike

Specialized CruX Comp

Scott CX Team cyclocross bike

Scott CX Team

2012 Scott CX Comp Large Cyclocross Bike

Scott CX Comp

2013 Bianchi Volpe Slate Blue Cyclocross Steel Frame Bike

Bianchi Volpe

Specialized Tricross Sport Disc cyclocross

Specialized Tricross Sport Disc

Specialized Tricross bike

Specialized Tricross

2012 Bianchi Zurigo cyclocross Cross CX Bike

Bianchi Zurigo


Regardless of your need or preference, Higher Gear will find the best cyclocross bike for you and your budget. Stop in to either of our locations where our approachable experts can make sure you’re not left in the dust, or the sand, or a pothole this season!

For more information on the sport of cyclocross, please visit our CX page which includes videos and a description of the races. Also see our staff recommendations to get you ready for the season.

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