Changing Light

As daylight shortens (sigh), early-morning and evening cyclists and commuters have to tend with changing light conditions on their rides. The darkness gives way to bright sunshine in the morning. Later in the day, the bright orange sky quickly fades to black.

One solution for the changing light conditions would be to carry your sunglasses in your pocket, hook them on the back of your jersey or to use your helmet’s air vents to secure them in place. But, that’s not an ideal situation.

Cycling glasses provide more than protection from the sun. Eyewear is your first line of defense in protecting one of your most valuable assets while cycling. (Keeping your brain safe with a helmet is most important. Protecting your eyes comes in as a close second.)

Sports eyewear has three functions: impact protection, UV protection and optical clarity. Finding the right fit and function is a bonus. For us, glasses that have lenses that transition with variable light condition just makes sense. This way, you don’t have to carry multiple lenses with you on a ride or, worse, go without eye protection for a portion of your ride.


Endura Eyewear cycling sports glasses sunglasses photochromatic Endura Eyewear cycling sports glasses sunglasses photochromatic Endura Eyewear cycling sports glasses sunglasses photochromatic


Endura offers eyewear with light reactive (or photochromic) lenses that adjust to changing light conditions. You don’t have to be going from darkness to light to appreciate this feature. Going through shaded areas or under clouds, the lenses will automatically adjust. The transition is so smooth you won’t even know it’s happening.

Of the model reviewed, they said: “Unusually for specs of this price, they come with a one-piece photochromic lens that changes from slightly tinted to pretty dark in less than a minute of sunlight, and they adjust back again just as fast.”

BikeRadar noted: “Glasses that get darker the brighter the sun gets aren’t new, but Endura’s are the best value ones we’ve encountered.”

Singletrack‘s reviewer says of the Endura eyewear’s hydrophobic properties:

“I rode the Guppy through some torrential downpours, and was quite impressed. While water droplets didn’t magically disappear like in some dishwasher detergent commercial, the ones that remained were small and well enough dispersed that my visibility was never degraded. As a bonus, the treatment on the inside of the lenses not only helped keep them from fogging, but also assisted in repelling those random sweat droplets.”

He summed up his review by saying: “Given the combination of performance and features, I found [them] to be an outstanding value.” And went on to add, “Overall, these are the best value shades–and one of the best shades overall–I’ve owned in my 40 years of outdoor activity.”


Endura Eyewear cycling sports glasses sunglasses photochromatic


BikeRadar found that “these are well-made glasses at a killer price.” We couldn’t agree more. Come and check them out for yourself.

See for yourself why the Endura Pacu is creating such a buzz.

Endura Eyewear cycling sports glasses sunglasses photochromatic“Scottish company Endura have a lot of eyewear available these days and the Pacu sits at the top of its range. The one-piece light reactive photochromic lens adjusts to changing light conditions… The lens is vented so there’s a decent amount of airflow meaning they don’t fog up when you stop. The rubber nosepiece and arms don’t slip, even on sweaty skin, and they were broad enough for a large head, staying comfortably in place for five hours of a sportive in changeable weather.” – Bikes Etc

“These glasses are brilliant.. you can wear them pretty much whatever the conditions.They’re comfortable, they look good and they’re well made. What’s more, they’re not so expensive… Endura has a reputation for producing great value kit that works, but even by those high standards, the Pacu glasses score a home run. Recommended.” – Bikes Etc


Endura Eyewear cycling sports glasses sunglasses photochromatic


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