Bring Your Bike

Don’t be stuck riding the same route over and over! A bike rack will grant you independence from your routine rides.

With a bike rack, you are free to explore roads and trails beyond the Chicagoland region. In fact, you can ride anywhere you’re willing to drive.


Thule Is On a Mission

Whatever your passion, whatever your pursuit. Wherever you’re going, whatever you’re bringing. With Thule, you’re free to live your active life to the full.

Bring your board.
Bring your bike.
Bring your skis.
Bring your love.
Bring your passion.
Bring your dreams.
Bring your life.

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Hitch-Mounted Bike Carriers

Thule’s hitch racks are easy to install and use. These durable racks mount to the receiver hitch so no base rack is required. Multiple options available to carry up to five bikes. Below are some of the models available at Higher Gear this summer.


Thule Apex

Thule Apex 5 9026 bicycle bike automobile hitch rackThe Apex is Thule’s premium hitch rack which can accommodate up to five bikes. The Apex combines security, convenience and revolutionary new cradles with Road Dampening Technology, making it the most complete hitch rack on the market.

Thule’s Apex hitch rack is available in two models, which can accommodate either four or five bikes.

  • Snug-Tite receiver lock virtually eliminates hitch rack movement in receiver and locks the hitch rack to the vehicle.
  • Arc design of the arms gives bikes greater clearance off the ground and provides greater distance between bikes preventing contact.
  • Patented No-Sway Cage to prevent bike to bike contact.
  • Folding Hitch Switch allows the arms to fold when not in use and tilts the carrier down for rear of vehicle access.
  • Heavy-duty integrated lock allows you to lock the bikes to rack and stores in the hitch rack when not in use.
  • Hold Fast RDT (Road Dampening Technology) Cradles absorb the shock of the road protecting your bike during transport.
  • The 5-bike model fits 2″ receivers.
  • The 4-bike model fits both 1¼” and 2″ receivers.


Thule Vertex

Thule Vertex 9029 bicycle bike automobile hitch rackThis new hitch rack’s unique arc design makes it easier to load and unload, provides better ground clearance and gives you greater distance between your bikes for easy transport.

Thule’s Vertex hitch rack is available in three models, which can accommodate two, four or five bikes.

  • The bold new hitch rack with unique arc design for easier bike loading and carrying performance.
  • Increased mast height for improved ground clearance.
  • New Hold Fast Cradles cushion bike and provide maximum bike security.
  • Anti-Sway Cages prevent bike-to-bike and bike-to-vehicle contact.
  • Thule’s largest carrying assortment: available in 2-bike, 4-bikeand 5-bike models.
  • The 5-bike model fits 2″ receivers.
  • The 4- and 2-bike models fits both 1¼” and 2″ receivers.


Thule Helium Aero

Thule Helium Aero 9043 bicycle bike automobile hitch rackThe Helium Aero is nearly half the weight of most hitch racks and is the ONLY ultra-light rack to integrate maximum convenience, bike protection, and security into one sleek aerodynamic design.

Thule’s Apex hitch rack is available in two models, which can accommodate either two or three bikes.

  • Patented Hold Fast Cradles with RDT (Road Dampening Technology) secure the bike to the rack while absorbing road shock.
  • No-Sway cages with RDT prevent contact and absorb road shock for frame protection.
  • Integrated locking cable and AutoAttach lock knob lock the bike to carrier and carrier to vehicle.
  • No-Tool AutoAttach allows you to install and remove the rack from your vehicle quickly and easily.
  • Both models fits both 1¼” and 2″ receivers.


About Thule

Thule is the world leader in sports and utility transportation with the highest test standards in the industry. Driving down the highway with your precious gear strapped to your car requires a level of trust that very few companies can provide. You can be confident that your Thule products have tested the limits before letting you test yours in the outdoors.

Thule Quality Test Center Road TestWhether it’s a quick lock of the brakes in traffic or an unexpected swerve on a country road, swift maneuvers with your vehicle apply force to your Thule products. Too much force and products can break apart. By simulating the force you can incur on the roads in our labs, Thule can make sure that their products are ready for any unexpected turn.

Every Thule product gets tested on and off the roads before it ever sees a store shelf. Through evasive maneuvers, high speed braking and simulated road bumps, their stunt drivers make sure their products can withstand the road conditions from backcountry to the bustling interstates.

Thule Quality Test Center Roof Rack TestAt the Thule Quality Test Center, they replicate the harshest forces of nature so you get a quality product that will withstand the hardest test of all—time. They put every product through extreme temperatures, the most humid conditions and expose them to any element you may kick up on your road to adventure.

Thule tests its limits at work and play so you can test yours.

To find out to which bike carrier will work with your vehicle, consult the Thule FitGuide or stop in to Higher Gear where our staff will guide you to the right carrier for your vehicle and your needs.

Some of Thule’s most popular bike carrier options, like the ones listed above, are available in-store at Higher Gear. Others can be ordered for you to be picked up in our store.


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