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We’re on the upswing; days are getting longer! But we still don’t have enough light on either end of the day for commuting or safe cycling without lights.

Cycling lights aren’t just about seeing the ground in front of you, though that is, of course, important. Lights also serve as a cyclist’s first line of defense.

Volvo Cyclist Detection Car SafetyLights with high lumens provide a visual signal to motorists at a distance, giving them enough time to react safely. Blinking lights, especially, demand attention from drivers. When their attention is being pulled in so many other directions – in and outside of the car – giving them that extra warning time could be life-saving.

Most lights, logically, are focused forward. But cyclists should also consider lights that provide visual clues behind them and to their sides. While protected bicycle lanes are multiplying in the city and suburbs (Hooray!), a motorist making a right hand turn, may not see a cyclist about to enter an intersection.

The winter months provide even more demands on motorists. Cyclists are competing for drivers’ attention along with snow, ice, slippery roads and epic potholes. At least until everybody’s driving the new Volvo with cyclist detection, cyclists are subject to the attention – or inattention – of drivers. We have to do our part to make ourselves visible to them. With cycling lights from Higher Gear, you’ll stand out.

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bicycle light cycling cygolite trion 1300Cygolite Trion 1300

1300 lumens of ultra-bright, intense light output with maximized beam angle and throw. Internal battery convenience and external battery compatibility makes this light the ultimate choice for avid road and mountain bikers seeking a versatile all-in-one water-resistant lighting system. Can you see me now?



Cygolite Expilion 800Cygolite Expilion 700 & Expilion 800

The one piece design that started it all is brighter than ever with up to 800 lumens of class leading brightness. Featuring a powerful 2nd generation Cree XM-L LED and custom TIR cycling optics, the Expilion easily lights up any road or mountain. The refined fusion of aluminum alloy and durable plastic ensures a powerful lighting system in a compact design. The included handlebar and helmet mounts, along with its conveniently swappable battery stick provides unmatched functionality and value. Power through the night with spare battery sticks.



Cygolite Metro 500 cycling lightCygolite Metro 500

The Metro 500 paves the way to unparalleled value and safety by giving riders an affordable, bright USB rechargeable headlight. Designed especially for the demanding roads, its 5 watt LED fires up 500 lumens of steady light and features 24/7 Safety Technology for safer night and day riding. Side illumination ports offer wider visibility to those around you without compromising beam focus. The Metro 500 is the commuter’s choice of light.



Serfas Thunderbolt USB USL-6 Headlight rechargeableSerfas Thunderbolt

The Serfas Thunderbolt (USB) USL-6 Headlight is Serfas’ newest addition and, frankly, we couldn’t be more excited about it. With a peak output of 90 lumens, this light gives you plenty of light to safely arrive at your destination. The USB-rechargeable Thunderbolt can be mounted virtually anywhere on the front of your bike—from the handlebars to the fork. With seven color options, a variety of mounting options and a reasonable price – and a taillight to match – we’re confident in saying this light is for everyone.



Serfas USL-5 Raider USB Headlight rechargeableSerfas USL-5

For those on a budget, go with the USL-5 with a 360 swivel. This bicycle light is computer rechargeable and easy to attach and remove. This 5 LED headlight produces 70 lumens and has a burn time of 6.5 hours. The USL-5 is super bright and includes a USB charger and quick release bracket that swivels 360 degrees. the narrow strap and 360-degree swivel means this light attaches easily virtually anywhere, including to your helmet. Also available in a taillight version, the USL-5R taillight.



Serfas TL-STN seat stay light cycling bicycle Serfas TL-STN Seat Stay Taillight

There are brighter taillights out there, but for short commutes or an extra rear light, you can’t get more bang for your buck than the Serfas TL-STN Seat Stay Taillight. The second generation of this taillight features an upgraded design with a more water resistant Silicone casing that can handle splashes and spills. Removable straps attach to your seat stay, seat post, helmet or other convenient spots. The new and improved version with brighter light output makes this sequel worthy of an Oscar.



These are some of the lights we keep stocked at Higher Gear. Don’t be afraid to ask us if you don’t see what you’re looking for. (We can always special order items.)

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