Biking Toe Warmers, Socks and Shoe Covers

As the Norwegian saying goes, “There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.” And as fall moves into winter, you’ll need to make sure you have good bike clothing that makes even the coldest days seem like the best weather for riding.

Few things are more uncomfortable than when your feet get cold. They are the first part of your body to become affected by sub-50-degree weather and the most difficult to warm them up once the chill has gotten a hold of them. The best way to prevent this on your ride is to protect your toes and feet from the inside out.

One of our favorite brands is Specialized, especially its cycle accessories for the cold-weather months. As one of the largest and most respected bicycle brands in the world, Specialized puts the same effort into their bike clothing as they do their bikes.

We especially love Specialized’s toe warmers (retail: $25). These tiny inserts pack a powerful punch and a ton of comfort. Their durable synthetic leather sole and neoprene insulation protect your toes from below-freezing temperatures and keep them dry during your wet rides. With two sizes available, these are an inexpensive yet invaluable investment for even the most casual rider.

Next up on the list is the right pair of socks. The colder it gets, the more protection you need. Adding a pair of wool socks to your toe warmers gives your feet the insulation you need to prevent frostbite on your longer rides.

Specialized’s Wool Trainer Socks (retail: $16) are blended with both polypropylene and spandex for maximum winter comfort. Polypropylene keeps your socks dry while spandex shapes them to your feet. And the wool provides warmth and insulation. These crew-length wool socks hit all the marks for comfort and usability.

For added protection, topping off your feet with a pair of shoe covers is the way to go. Specialized carries shoe covers (retail: $20–$30 each) that are designed for both cold and wet weather. Lightweight and sleek, the three different styles go from partial coverage, like the Neoprene, to a full pro-style cover, like the Cycling Oversock.

The Barrier MTB shoe cover by Pearl Izumi (retail: $60) is designed for the most extreme conditions. Its unmatched durability makes it perfect for mountain-bike shoes. Head over to Pearl Izumi’s site to get a pair of the Barrier MTB’s. And if you have questions about the right foot protection for your biking needs, stop in at either Higher Gear location–we won’t hesitate to recommend the best in bike clothing and would love to help you update your seasonal cycling wardrobe.


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