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The temps were high over Father’s Day weekend. You know what (besides Dad) kept its cool? The liquid in our Specialized Purist Insulated Water Bottles.

Specialized Purist Water Bottle InsulatedAt Higher Gear, we were already fans of the Specialized Purist bottles. And we’re not the only ones.


Check out engineer and triathlete Jordan Rapp’s write-up on why Purist bottles are the next best thing (or even better) than glass containers >>


Here’s what other people have to say about the Purist bottles:

“With the Purist Hydroflo water bottle, you get arguably the best bottle on the market.” – Feed the Habit

“Specialized’s new Purist WaterGate bottle takes virtually every complaint we’ve had about the lowly water carrier and tackles it head-on, resulting in what is hands-down the best cycling bottle available.” – Bike Radar


Piqued your interest? Learn more about the Specialized Purist Water Bottle >>


Surly Crosscheck Specialized Purist Insulated Water Bottle Higher Gear Joy Sherrick



Surly Crosscheck Specialized Purist Insulated Water Bottle Higher Gear Joy SherrickThe insulated version of the Purist has all the advantages of the original, but in a bottle that’s meant to take the heat. On hot days, when a chilled drink could make all the difference in your training, you’ll want to reach for a Purist Insulated.

Because it’s a Purist bottle, you know that no matter what drink mix you add, you’ll have a clean-tasting bottle for your next ride. Specialized delivers that clean, pure water taste every time with the Purist technology, which shields the bottle from odor, stains and mold to keep your water pure and your bottle clean.

Now, Specialized offers that same Purist technology in a bottle that will keep its cool. The double-wall construction and proprietary insulating liner provides a radiant barrier, keeping your water colder for 20% longer than other insulating bottles.

Specialized isn’t one to sacrifice performance for pure function. The Purist Insulated is also theĀ most flexible, easy to squeeze, insulated bottle on the market.


“The Purist insulated bottle is easy to squeeze! It is so easy to squeeze that I had to examine the bottle after I tried it for the first time. I could tell that it was insulated but I could not really feel the insulation barrier.” – Alameda Runners



Higher Gear water bottle Provence France bicycle bike touring



In all the reviews of Purist bottles we found, we read of only two cons. The first was the lack of an insulated bottle. Done. Check that one off the list. The second is the cost of entry. Purist bottles may run a little higher than other bottles, but once you try the Purist, you’ll find you only need one water bottle (maybe two).


“Seemingly simpleā€¦ all they do is hold water and shoot it out into your mouth when squeezed. But, when it comes to the good ones, they always make it to the top of the bottle pile stashed underneath the sink. Consistently on top of that pile is the Specialized Purist Hydroflo.” – Feed the Habit


If you thought all water bottles were the same, you haven’t tried the Purist bottles.

The Specialized Purist and the Specialized Purist Insulated Water Bottles are now available at Higher Gear.






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