2 New SRAM Quarq Power Meters

Got power? Quarq is giving us two bold new power meters that pack enhanced accuracy and versatility into sleek, unified chassis. Introducing Quarq’s Elsa 10R and Riken 10R.


SRAM Quarq Elsa Riken 10R Power Meter


Quarq Elsa 10R

Replacing the Quarq Cinqo, the Quarq Elsa 10R ($1995) brings fresh crank lengths, unyielding strength and Power Balance while it shuns weight. Adaptable, lightweight and strong, and complete with the latest Quarq technology, Elsa 10R packs a four-pronged punch to elevate bike and rider performance: the subatomic spider that houses integrated electronics, Power Balance feature, OmniCal and Exogram Hollow Carbon crank arms.

A subatomic spider and SRAM Exogram hollow carbon crank arms weigh in at just 735g (172.5mm, GXP, 53/39) – 43g lighter and the same price as the SRAM Red Quarq Power Meter.

Elsa 10R will delight triathletes and those who appreciate a perfect bike fit. It’s available in a wide range of crank arm lengths: 162.5, 165, 170, 172.5, 175 and 177.5mm. There are also two axle formats. One works with SRAM’s 24mm GXP bottom brackets; the other is compatible with a BB30.

The Elsa is one of the first Quarq power meters capable of measuring watts separately for each of your legs. Its Power Balance feature provides a direct measurement of the torque produced in the first half of the revolution as compared to the second half, displayed (on compatible head units) as a percentage (e.g.: Left 45%; Right 55%).


Quarq Riken 10R

For the first time, Quarq is releasing a model designed for riders with a lower budget. Due to come out next week, the Quarq Riken 10R ($1595) features durable, integrated electronics, a CR2032 battery and improved clearance for oversize bottom brackets. It is 88g heavier than the Elsa due to its non-hollow crank arms and heavier spider. It lacks the Power Balance feature and the variety of available crank arm lengths. The Riken 10R is available only in 170, 172.5 and 175mm lengths. Otherwise, includes all of the same features as the Elsa.


Both the Quarq Elsa 10R and the Riken 10R are accurate to +/-1.5% and employ OmniCal – which separates power measurement from chain ring selection. Swap from road to TT chain rings without recalibration. An LED and visible ANT+ ID make installation and operation a breeze.

SRAM Quarq ELSA 10R 130 BB30 Power Meter


The Quarq ELSA 10R is available now. The Quarq RIKEN 10R will be available on February 22nd. Contact Higher Gear to order your new Quarq before the 2013 season begins. Learn how training with power can benefit your cycling.

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