What is the difference between Aluminum, Titanium and Carbon Frame?

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When building a bike, your first step will most likely be choosing a frame. That’s why it’s important to know what frames are made of and how they differ.

Aluminum is an affordable frame material, and today the technology exists to shape it in a way that builds a great bike. It will be light, responsive and inexpensive.

The other material is carbon. With carbon, you can shape the bike in many ways – making a bike strong, aerodynamic and comfortable.

The last material is titanium. With titanium, you can have any custom geometry you desire, made exclusively for you by the bicycle manufacturer. When you purchase a titanium, you get a bike “for life.”

Once you’ve assessed the differences and decided which frame material works best for you, you’re ready to choose other components, such as wheels, seat, and handlebars, to finish building the bike of your dreams.

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