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Pro Bike Build

Pro Bike Build

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Higher Gear sells frames from Seven Cycles, Specialized, Bianchi and Surly. Or bring your own frame and components and we’ll assemble your dream bike for you.

Pick your frame and all your components, such as the saddle, headset, handlebars, brakes, crankset, and wheels, and Higher Gear will build you your dream bike. We will use our Calfee Sizer Cycle to determine the right frame geometry and bike dimensions.


Calfee Sizer Cycle

Bike Fitting using Calfee Sizer

With the Calfee Sizer Cycle, we can duplicate the geometry of any manufacturer’s production frame directly from their published geometry charts. This allows you, the rider, to “test ride” any bike, even if it’s not currently in our shop. We can determine the proper fit to determine the correct frame size, stem length, and saddle position on the first try. This makes special ordering frames easy and accurate. We can also simulate different possible stem lengths on a bike and change the actual stem only once on the real bike.

Using the Calfee Sizer Cycle, we can get the measurements for the wheelbase, front center, stack height of headset and spacers. We can also find the right adjustment for the following:

  • Seat tube angle (from 71 to 79 degrees)
  • Seat tube length (from 43 through 72 cm)
  • Top tube length (from 46 through 70 cm)
  • Head tube angle (70 through 75.5 degrees)
  • Head tube length (8 through 30 cm)



If you’re looking for the absolute best in a custom fit, we have the knowledge and the tools to do a pro bike build or a custom bike from Seven.


Interested in unique bike builds? We post some of our favorites to our Facebook page. If you like cool bikes, like us on Facebook.


Pro built Colnago

Pro Built Seven

Pro built Colnago 2

Pro Built Frames Bianchi and Colnago

Pro Built Triathlon

Pro Built Scott

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