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SEVEN Custom Bike Build

Rob Vandermark at Higher Gear

Rob Vandermark founder of Seven at Higher Gear


Higher Gear is the North Shore dealer for Seven Cycles — we have the expertise and experience to walk you through the process to design a bike like no other: yours.



You can learn more at the Seven Cycles website which provides detailed information about the process. We would also be happy to talk you through the process at either of our Higher Gear locations.

Seven Custom kit form
Seven Customization Kit

 The following highlights the process to design a bike that is as individual as you are.

1. Gather data points: Higher Gear will work with you to complete Seven’s Custom Kit.

This includes your measurements, the type of rider you are, any pains or sensitive areas, the size of your current bike, your planned use and how you envision your future riding.

2. Phone Interview with Seven Performance Design Team: Higher Gear will send your information to Seven Cycles and they will contact you directly to start designing your bike based on Seven’s Five Elements of Design.

Seven Chicago Flag

Seven with Chicago Flag

We encourage you to be prepared to talk with Seven’s designers about the following:

  • Fit and Comfort
  • Handling and Performance
  • Tubing and Materials – Geometry is one thing, but the tube set selected will deliver the stiffness and responsiveness that is unique to you.
  • Features such as top tube slope, fenders, rack and component compatibility
  • Paint and Decals – The paint scheme should best reflect who you are. (Seven has a paint gallery that will inspire you).

Seven Fit Methodology

Seven Fit Methodology


3. Frame specs development: The Seven Performance Design Team develops your frame specs using a Seven Fit Methodology.

Seven production

Calfee Sizer Cycle


4. Review and Sign Off with Higher Gear: Seven sends us the specs that we replicate on our Calfee Sizer CycleWe’ll validate the specs and confirm the design with you before you sign off. If there are any changes, Higher Gear communicates them to Seven Cycles, who revises the specs until they are just right.

Seven production


5. Production: Your frame goes into production, beginning with the selection of its tubing. Each machinist, welder and finisher works on your frame only, from start to finish.

6. Bliss: Your bike is delivered. It’s one of a kind. And it’s yours.

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