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New Bike Fit

Fernando Rivera Higher Gear 2013 Specialized ShivWe at Higher Gear pride ourselves on being your friendly bike professionals. Our knowledgeable staff can match you with the right bike – for your body, your riding style and your budget. Key in this process is getting you on the right size bike.

A poorly-fitting bike will leave you in discomfort and pain and, ultimately, will keep you from riding. That’s not fun for you, nor is it good for our business. That’s why we aim to get you on the right bike from the start.

Note: it can take several rides and adjustments over time to get your bike tweaked perfectly. Also, your fit may change over the season or years as you get more comfortable on your bike and become more fit. Beginning with the proper bike size is critical in being able to get the perfect fit at any time.


New Bike Fit

When you come to Higher Gear to purchase a new bike, our friendly experts will ask you questions about your riding habits and goals. We will have you stand over bikes and sit on them. Then we’ll insist you test ride them. You won’t be pressured and you won’t be rushed. It’s best if you come prepared with your cycling shoes and helmet (we have test helmets available) and can set aside some time to test ride several bikes.

With every bike we sell, we will set it up with the proper sizing – the proper height, stack and reach – for you, so that you’ll be ready to ride as soon as you leave with your bike. (Again, note: as you get more saddle time, you may find your fit changes. Come back and see us for an adjustment when this happens.) This service is complementary with every bike purchase.

Specialized BG Fit Body Geometry Fit Integration Technology Andy PruittIf you are looking for something more out of your bike or your fit, talk with us about our bike fitting service. At Higher Gear, we offer Specialized’s proprietary BG Fit service to maximize your efficiency and experience on the bike. For a new or custom bike purchase, we also employ the Calfee Sizer Cycle, so that you can “test ride” a bike before it’s purchased or built.

If you’re looking for the ultimate custom fit, we also have the knowledge and the tools to do a pro bike build or a custom bike from Seven.


Have you been thinking about a new bike? Come in to Higher Gear and chat with us.



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