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Fit Your Current Bike

If you’re experiencing any pain during or after riding your bike or to optimize performance on your bike, Higher Gear can help will a professional Bike Fit.

Bike Fitting using Calfee Sizer

Calfee Sizer Cycle for Bike Fitting

Instead of making adjustments directly on your existing bike, we replicate your bike dimensions and frame geometry on our Calfee Sizer Cycle directly from the manufacturers’ published charts

Since all changes are first proposed on the sizing cycle, you can roll your bike up next to the sizer and compare it directly. We can also add a power measuring device and conduct performance optimization tests.

Adjustments can be made directly to the following:

  • Seat tube angle (from 71 to 79 degrees)
  • Seat tube length (from 43 through 72 cm)
  • Top tube length (from 46 through 70 cm)
  • Head tube angle (70 through 75.5 degrees)
  • Head tube length (8 through 30 cm)

Additional measurements that can be taken directly for the following:Calfee flywheel

  • Wheelbase
  • Front center
  • Stack height of headset and spacers

Changes to your bike are made all at once. Call us to make an appointment today.

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