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Bike Fit

To ride as comfortably and efficiently as possible, your bike needs to fit you. It needs to be the right size for your overall height and the length of your legs and torso.

How do you know if your bike is fitted correctly? Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do you always have to scoot forward or backward on your seat?
    Your handlebar stem may be too short or too long, pulling you forward or requiring you to push backward, or your saddle may need to be leveled and centered.
  2. Does your lower back, neck or hand hurt?
    Your seat and handlebar stem need to be adjusted.
  3. Got knee pain or numb bum?
    Your seat needs to be adjusted.
  4. Pain in your foot?
    Your cleats may need to be moved back or your cycling shoes are too tight.


Specialized BG Fit Body Geometry Fit Integration Technology Andy PruittIf you answered “yes” to any of these questions, let Higher Gear evaluate and adjust your your current fit on the bike you ride today, or let us help you choose a new bike. We use the Specialized’s certified BG Fit and the Calfee fitting system to make sure you get the right bike at the right fit.

And as a Seven Custom Bike dealer, Higher Gear can help those who want to design their own bike – from fit to materials to paint.

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