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Types of Cycling Clothing

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Cyclists have a wide variety of clothing choices available to them. At Higher Gear, we stock clothes that are not only comfortable and functional, they also look great.

Cycling jerseys are tailored specifically for the sport. They’re made of a breathable wicking fabric to draw moisture away from the skin and keep riders cool, comfortable, and dry. Their snug cut enhances aerodynamics and helps to prevent chafing. At Higher Gear, we have a wide variety of plain jerseys, printed jerseys, and team logo jerseys. We even have jerseys that sport the Higher Gear logo if you want to represent. Regardless of graphics, most jerseys have two or three pockets on the lower back to store a spare tube, a pair of gloves, a phone, or even foul weather gear.

Speaking of foul weather gear, we all know Chicago’s weather can be unpredictable. Our lightweight rain jackets will protect you from a passing morning cloudburst and can then be tucked away in your jersey’s back pocket once the sun comes out. The same holds true for our insulating vests, which take off the chill of an autumn morning, but can be easily folded and stored away once the air warms.

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Probably no single item of clothing is associated more with cycling than shorts. Like jerseys, cycling shorts are made from a wicking fabric for comfort. They’re generally available in two styles: standard and bib shorts. The standard shorts have elastic waists while bib shorts fit over the shoulders like suspenders. Both styles are available in different lengths, cuts, and pad configurations. In fact, the padding is one aspect of shorts design where significant advancements have been made in recent years. Where before cycling shorts had big cotton pads, today they feature antimicrobial padding, strategically placed and stitched to minimize interference. The result is a pair of shorts comfortable and durable enough to wear for years. Higher Gear also stocks baggy cycling shorts for mountain bikers and those individuals who simply prefer something other than form-fitting Spandex. These feature padded short liners that incorporate the same innovations in a less aerodynamic cut.

Choosing a Cycling Shoe

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Want to make your pedaling 40% more efficient? Cycling shoes and clipless pedals are the way to go. Conventional street shoes and pedals lose a tremendous amount of energy due to the flexible soles and extraneous foot movement on the pedal. Because cycling shoes attach the rider to the bike and provide a rigid platform on the pedal, energy that was previously lost is now captured. When you switch to cycling shoes, you’ll notice that your pedaling motion becomes much more fluid and this, in turn, makes you much faster. Faster on the road, anyway. Most cycling shoes have no tread and are notoriously hard to walk in. Mountain biking shoes have just enough tread to help you get around on foot.

Higher Gear has a complete inventory of cycling shoes, including mountain biking shoes and triathlon shoes that are easy to get in and out of during the transitions between stages. Stop by, and we’ll be happy to set you up in a pair that works for you. And if you need clipless pedals, we’ll be happy to install a pair on your bike.

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