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If you’re one of the many of us who likes to get outdoors early in the spring months or stay riding outdoors late into the fall, you’re no stranger to riding in the dark. If you’re a morning warrior, a night rider or a commuter, you know how those potholes can elude even the sharpest eye in diminished light. If you’re trying to squeeze in your workout before the kids are up or before work, you understand how groggy, uncaffeinated drivers need every warning that they’re sharing the road with you.

Lights can make you, an otherwise invisible cyclist, visible to cars on the road. Lights can enable you to see what’s ahead of your wheel. Lights can lessen the risk of accidents. At Higher Gear, we recognize that lights are more than an accessory. Lights are a safety feature. Lights are a necessity.

Lights can serve two purposes: to allow you to be seen and to enable you to see. The power output (often referred to as lumens) you require, depends on which is more important to you and where you’re riding. To see a darkened road in front of you requires more light (or lumens) than required to be seen. That said, a child riding on a sidewalk on a quiet cul-de-sac requires fewer lumens to be visible than a commuter who is vying for drivers’ attention on a busy road at rush hour.

SERFAS makes high quality lights available in a range of lumens and prices.


Whatever your needs, for your safety, we recommend investing in high quality bike lights. At Higher Gear, our go-to brands are Serfas and Cygolite. We think they sell some of the best bicycle lights on the market at reasonable prices. You get a lot of lumens for your dollar.




Our commuters who need high quality waterproof lights – to see and to be seen in a variety of weather conditions – prefer lights by Light & Motion, like their Vis360. Light & Motion lights are available by special order in our shops.

Light & Motion Vis360 mounted headlight tail light helmet

The Vis360 is the ideal commuter light. 360 degrees of visibility!


The Light & Motion VIS360 is a helmet-mounted front and rear light. While it’s lightweight, it packs a powerful punch. The front lights is 110 lumens and includes side lights as a safety feature. The VIS360 is a favorite option for commuters or those caught riding in the dark.

A driver just pulled up to me: “Great visibility! You’re one cyclist that’s not going to get hit.” Nice. – Donna Seattle, WA)



Stop in to either of our Higher Gear locations to see how our lights mount to your bike or helmet and to test out the difference in lumens and weight. We’re sure to have a light to meet your needs and your budget.

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