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Sometimes you want to carry something. Maybe it’s a bag of groceries. Or perhaps clothing and supplies for a three-day ride. Your bike needs some bags, and Higher Gear has the best from manufacturers like Banjo Brothers and Koki.

Often when the subject of bicycle bags comes up, the word “pannier” gets thrown around. Originally, panniers were baskets carried on either side of a beast of burden. Bicycle panniers are similar in concept. They require the installation of a metal rack over the rear wheel of your bike. That rack can then accept bags with different sizes, shapes, and functions. For example, Banjo Brothers makes a one-piece saddlebag pannier that’s perfect for commuting because it comes on and off so quickly and more easily. They also make waterproof panniers for touring and grocery panniers that double as shopping bags. Koki makes bags for women that fit the metal rack yet quickly convert to fashionable over-the-shoulder bags — perfect around town or for a day at the beach. So if you have a metal rack, and even if you don’t, Higher Gear has just the bag for you.

Top tube bag

Higher Gear also offers handlebar bags, bags that tuck under the seat, bags for the top tube of the frame (sometimes called a bento box by triathletes). If you can find a place on a bike for a bag, chances are we’ve already installed one there. Stop by one of our stores, and we’ll match you with the perfect bags for how you ride.


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