Winter Is Coming

How do ensure that your 2018 season will be your best? How do you make the best of winter? How do you keep the summer vibe going year-round?

Dear friends, winter is coming. Whether we like it or not. Winter is definitely coming.


Game of Thrones Winter is Coming Sean Bean


We, at Higher Gear, have the answer to staying fit throughout the winter months, preparing for the spring season and having as much fun as we do on our Saturday morning group rides. It’s not a pill. It’s no secret. And it doesn’t involve moving to a warmer climate for four months.

Instead, we move our Saturday Morning Group Ride indoors. And we offer it every day of the week, not just Saturdays, throughout the winter. Ladies and gentleman, we give you our CompuTrainer Studio!


Higher Gear Wilmette CompuTrainer CompuTraining Indoor Cycling Studio


If you love the Saturday morning group, join us weekend mornings. If you want a way to stay trim through the cold, dark months, come in before heading to work on the weekdays. If you’re a competitive sort, don’t miss our Course of the Week board. If you love parties, contact the shop about hosting an indoor cycling competition. If you are a lone wolf, call ahead and pop on in for a midday session.

There are indoor riding options for everyone in our boutique CompuTrainer Studio, which will be opening for the 2017/18 season soon.

Stay tuned for information about opening day, our class schedule and pricing for the season.

Because dragons don’t hibernate. They are born ready.


Game of Thrones Dragon


Be ready for spring 2018, dragon.




For those willing to brave the cold, we can help with that too >>





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