What to Wear?

Chicago Cyclocross Cup CCC CX Catherine Watkins Tommy MosbySome cyclists are fashionistas. For members of the Velominati, image is almost as important as cycling prowess. For these cyclists, a cycling kit must have meaning and must match their current ride. Other cyclists could be accused of color-blindness, of not knowing when spandex has reached its limit or tragic end or of, well, frankly not caring much about what other people think. Most of us find ourselves somewhere in the middle, with our primary concern being how to dress for the weather, mostly how to protect ourselves from the elements.

Fortunately the internet is full of all sorts of useful information if you know where to look. We’ve looked. And we found a very helpful interactive guide on Bicycling.com that allows you to enter the current conditions and, in turn, will give you suggestions for gear that’s appropriate. It even takes into consideration whether you prefer to over- or under-dress. Brilliant!

Follow our link for the interactive guide.

Dan Ryan Woods Chicago Cyclocross Cup CCC 2012 Higher Gear Gearheads

As with all information on the internet, this is subjective. You may find the details need a little tweaking to be more appropriate for you, your riding style and your comfort. But this is a good place to start. Check it out. Remember: layers are always a good choice for Chicago weather.

When you need suggestions on how to layer for the Chicago winters, see our Cold Weather Gear recommendations. We have all your cycling needs covered at Higher Gear!

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