WFRT 2012 Top Fundraisers

Last year’s Wrigley Field Road Tour participants enjoyed fantastic weather for their century ride. Their 100-miles took them past beautiful scenery along Lake Michigan and in the northeastern part of the state. They were rewarded for their ride with a celebration on the outfield of historic Wrigley Field.

Saturday Morning Group Ride WFRT Wrigley Field Road Tour Higher Gear


But this century ride is about MORE THAN a good time. Before the celebration to cap off an enjoyable day… Before the thousands of pedal strokes it takes to cover 100 miles… Before the summer of training rides to build up to 100 miles… Before the weight lost in training… Before the friends made over weekend group training rides… Before all that, each participants commits to raising funds to benefit two charities – one global and the other local.

WFRT Wrigley Field Road Tour 2012 FK Day Todd Ricketts SRAM Higher Gear World Bicycle Relief WBR Chicago Cubs Charities



In fact, WFRT was the result of two philanthropic men in an effort to create a better world through the power of bicycles and bicycling. Chicago Cubs Board Member Todd Ricketts and SRAM Executive Vice President, F.K. Day, created the WFRT to benefit the global work of World Bicycle Relief and the local work of Chicago Cubs Charities.


Larry Berlin Tom Renaud Brendan Sullivan WFRT Wrigley Field Road Tour Fund Raising


That hundreds of people can enjoy a fantastic outing and that many are motivated to put in hard work over the summer that results in weight loss, lasting friendships and happiness… Well, that’s all part of the WFRT adventure. All because those people committed to raising money for two great charities.


For 2012, WFRT participants raised approximately $500,000 for charity. These fundraising efforts were led by several individuals, many of whom came up with creative ideas to raise money for charity. We’d like to call them out for their efforts for 2012 and extend a heartfelt Thank You to just some of those top fundraisers:


Wrigley Field Road Tour 2012 WFRT Garrett HigneyGarrett Higney

Raised $20,246.25

Donation count = 106

From a young age, Garrett has enjoyed biking. He decided to put his passion for cycling into action through his participation in the Wrigley Field Road Tour for the last two years. Driven by the desire to bring bicycles to students and families in need of reliable transportation in rural Africa, 15-year-old Garrett crushed his initial goal of $13,400 and raised over $20,245 in 2012. His fundraising efforts also helped the Chicago youth by funding physical education programs and other parks and open-spaces in the Chicago Lakeview area. Garrett won the fundraising challenge and was awarded a top-of-the-line Specialized bicycle, that he kindly donated back to World Bicycle Relief in support of future campaigns. Now that’s a true winner!


John Atkinson

Raised $19,417

Donation count = 120

John was a workaholic, overweight and leading an unhealthy lifestyle. Only a few years ago, a spark was ignited inside him and John decided to change his approach to life. In an effort to be healthier so that he continue to enjoy good times with his family and friends, John started cycling. He signed up for the Wrigley Field Road Tour, putting his new-found energy and the support of his network to good use, helping people in Africa and in the Chicago community. Along the way, John discovered that his life was indeed better on a bike.


Tom Renaud WFRT Wrigley Field Road Tour 2012 Higher GearTom Renaud


Donation count = 142

Tom Renaud is a true bicycle aficionado who picked up cycling only five years ago. After pedaling many thousands of miles and visiting wonderful places along the way, Tom registered for his Wrigley Field Road Tour in 2011. After a very fruitful first event, Tom came back in 2012 and raised more than double the amount he fundraised before, reaching $12,433 in support of two great causes.


Larry Berlin WFRT Wrigley Field Road TourLawrence “Larry” Berlin


Donation count = 49

Larry is a busy senior executive who, at age 50, decided to sign up for his first century ride. Larry joined the Wrigley Field Road Tour peloton and after a successful first experience came back last year for his second century ride.


Aimee Trottier
Donation count = 94

Fitness is no stranger to Aimee who enjoys exercising on a daily basis. A true Chicago girl and baseball fan, she could not pass on this opportunity to participate in an event that mixes baseball, bicycles and giving back to the community.


Thank you to all the WFRT participants – past and future – and to all others who volunteer their time to make sure the day runs smoothly for WFRT our riders. Your fundraising and volunteer efforts go a long way to making a better world. Thank you.


Join the 2013 WFRT. Join our Saturday morning training rides, meet like-minded cyclists and great people, get fit, have fun and raise money for two great charities along the way.

New this year! Sign up for the 2013 WFRT with friends and fund-raise as part of a team. Team up and start fund-raising today!

Do you have creative fundraising ideas for your 2013 WFRT? Higher Gear would love to hear about them! Send us a message on our Facebook page or by email at



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