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With the ability to increase cycling power by 20 to 30 percent, as well as speed by 2 to 4 miles per hour, training with the CompuTrainer not only provides an engaging indoor ride, but also one of the best ways cyclists can up their game. Powered by cutting-edge software, the CompuTrainer simulates outdoor cycling in controlled indoor conditions and generates precise measurements that accurately gauge performance to optimize cycling efficiency and training.

Perhaps that’s why it has become the primary testing and training system of elite cycling athletes and their coaches all over the world. And with Higher Gear’s boutique CompuTrainer Studio in Highland Park, this state-of-the-art bike training system will become yours, too.


What Are the Benefits of CompuTraining?

Whether you’re looking to train for competition, improve your cycling performance, or maintain your fitness in a controlled environment, training on a CompuTrainer can help you realize your cycling potential year round. That’s because it not only increases your aerobic fitness, but also offers a myriad of benefits like no other.


Proper Bike Fit

Unlike spinning, the CompuTrainer allows you to ride on your own bike and its exclusive SpinScan™ Pedal Stroke Analyzer helps to identify the best bike position for you—critical factors for maximizing cycling efficiency and power in real-world conditions.

The data generated by SpinScan™ takes the guesswork out of finding the ideal bike fit, including aero bar and saddle positions. It does this by objectively evaluating the impact of equipment selection and small adjustments to bike position.

And because the CompuTrainer can simulate a variety of outdoor conditions, like flat terrain or hills, you can also determine the best fit and equipment for specific courses.


Precise Performance Visibility

CompuTrainer’s best-in-class technology provides precise measurements for wattage, heart rate, and cadence, with an accuracy (± 2.5%) that sets the industry standard.

With this real-time data, you can evaluate performance from power output to spinning efficiency and apply it to your training strategy. It also allows you to monitor progress in a controlled environment, helping you to precisely identify which zone you’re working in for base building and to establish effective training zones as you build towards higher intensities.

And understanding your actual exertion as it correlates to your perceived exertion helps you become better attuned to your body while you ride.


Strength- and Technique-Building Tool

The CompuTrainer is a powerful tool for conditioning and improving technique.

That’s because its realistic outdoor cycling simulation in a safe, controlled indoor environment helps you:

  • Build more power with uninterrupted rides (no downhills, traffic lights or stop signs) and with the ability to increase resistance in a controlled and quantifiable manner; and
  • Train at higher and more varied intensities through specific technique drills or interval training.

CompuTrainer’s SpinScan™ Pedal Stroke Analyzer measures the efficiency of your pedal stroke and identifies the ideal transfer of power to improve pedal technique. And when SpinScan™ is combined with CompuTrainer’s power output data and 3-D interactive graphics, you can determine the most advantageous cadence and gears for flat surfaces and climbs.


Optimal Results

Add up all its benefits, and it’s easy to see how the sophisticated technology of CompuTraining delivers optimal training, which ultimately leads to optimal results.

Let the power of CompuTraining and Higher Gear’s new CompuTrainer Studio help you optimize your training and meet your cycling goals. Higher Gear offers coaching guidance, as well as a variety of times to train. This plan follows a periodization schedule, which is broken down into blocks, with each block focused on base building and progressive, yet balanced, strengthening to improve cycling performance and prepare you for the road ahead.

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