To Tune-Up or Not to Tune-Up?

Bike Tune-Ups. What are they good for?

No really, who needs them? Are they only for “real” cyclists? Do you have to ride every day or every week to warrant a tune-up? Do you have to ride through all kinds of weather? And how often are tune-ups necessary?

A tune-up provides routine maintenance on your bike. It’s like taking your bike in for an oil change – except bikes don’t have a red light that pops up on the dashboard when they’re in need of service and they are rarely on an every three months or 3,000 miles schedule.

Most recreational cyclists, those who store their bikes indoors over the winter, have their tune-ups done in the Spring when the bikes come out of storage. The tune-up serves to undo any damage done over the previous cycling season and get the bike ready for a new season of riding. For many, this is enough.

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If, however, your bike has developed squeaks or rattles, if something sounds or feels like it’s rubbing or if it feels like you’re doing a lot of pedaling to get nowhere, getting your bike in a professional’s hands can get you riding safely and efficiently again.

If you put a lot of miles on your bike or if you ride through all types of weather conditions, your bike will need to be serviced more than once a year. Maybe all your bike needs to keep you going is a good cleaning and re-lubrication of all moving parts.


If you have an event – a race, a charity ride or a cycling trip – planned, it’s a good idea to have your bike looked over before you start. If your bike is in good condition, you may only need a race check and not a complete tune-up.


For more details about what’s covered with Higher Gear’s tune-ups, please visit our web page. If you have any questions, come in to either Higher Gear location where our approachable experts will be happy to look over your bike and give you their recommendation.



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