This Weekend Only – Gearheads Commeth

Who said bike racing can’t be more fun than a barrel of monkeys?

Imagine standing at the starting line in the park, shoulder-to-shoulder with 80+ other bike racers. The announcer declares, “The race will begin in less than 30 seconds.” Your heart rate elevates beyond 170 beats-per-minute and won’t rest for nearly and hour. Think steeplechase on bikes. This is cyclocross (CX) bike racing and it is coming to Chicago this Saturday with the first race in the Chi Cross Cup series. Bring on the cow bell, the hands-ups and the heckles beyond reproach.

We have our plan. Our clinics are in the books. Our racers have tuned their CX skill set. We have the right bikes and the right gear. The Gearheads are ready to best their results from 2011. This weekend, we take our show on the road to the southside, to Jackson Park.

The Gearhead team is known for a little bit of wackiness. In the past we’ve brought a Mariachi band to the lakefront in December, an Oompah band to the south shore and a one-man steel drum band to Montrose. We’ve got something special up our sleeves for this weekend. Let it be known, our group will be easy to find this Saturday. Cyclocross racing is one of the most fun races for spectators. We invite all Higher Gear customers to join us for the race and cheer on the Gearheads. Cyclocross is filled with excitement, brilliant colors, speed and skill. It is also one of the best types of bike racing for beginners who are just getting starting in bike racing.

Omar Patalinghug Higher Gear Cyclocross Racing Jackson Park ChiCrossCupThe Higher Gear Gearhead racing team is adding members every day. It is not too late to join our ranks for the 2013 season. Visit or racing team page if you are interested in grabbing this chance to be part of a very fun and competitive group. Complete the form at the bottom of the page and we’ll contact you with further details.

This first race in Jackson Park is a USA Cycling sanctioned event. Gearheads should ensure they register as a Higher Gear racer by selecting club number 11520. The 4A and 4B categories are good races for people new to the sport. The junior category is also appropriate for the younger riders. The races have a limit to the number or riders who can compete and you don’t want to be wait listed. To guarantee your spot in the race, you must complete online registration before Thursday. It is easy to register at the Bike Reg site.

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