100 Miles to Wellness

2011 WFRT Theresa Waldbuesser en route to MilwaukeeSometimes watching a Cubs game can be beneficial to your overall health. That’s the way one fan of the team sees it.

West Rogers Park native/resident Theresa Waldbuesser is a big Chicago Cubs fan. About two years ago she learned about the Wrigley Field Road Tour…100 Miles to Go! on the news and it helped inspire change in the way she was taking care of herself.

When Waldbuesser went to college, she gained what she calls the Freshman 50. “I got stuck in a slump and wasn’t being healthy at all,” recalls Waldbuesser. “I needed something to change. I wanted to do stuff and this was a good way to meet people, be active and do something for a worthy cause.”

So Waldbuesser signed up for the 2011 Wrigley Field Road Tour, an annual charity century ride that, since 2010, has raised more than $600,000 for World Bicycle Relief (WBR) and Chicago Cubs Charities. WBR and Chicago Cubs Charities help improve access to education, healthcare, economic and sporting opportunities through the Power of Bicycles® and baseball.

2011 WFRT Theresa Waldbuesser at Wisconsin border“I watched it on the news and I was in no way, shape or form ready to do 100 miles,” says Waldbuesser. “There was no way, but it looked like a really cool thing to do.”

In high school Waldbuesser rode her bike all the time and then stopped riding. Signing up for last year’s ride was the goal for which she was looking.

“I started to lose weight and wanted to set an exciting goal to keep me motivated and push me to the next level,” adds Waldbuesser. “Why not a 100-mile bike ride?”

Weighing in the high 200‘s, Waldbuesser started with training sessions at Higher Gear and now rides almost 30 miles a day. Now she’s a regular on the Tuesday Morning Women’s Ride and the Saturday Morning 7am Ride out of the Higher Gear Plaza del Lago location in Wilmette.  She’s lost 83 pounds and intends to lose another 15. When reflecting on how she might be an inspiration to others, Waldbuesser would rather focus on doing something for a worthy cause.

“I honestly don’t feel like an inspiration but people tell me that’s amazing,” says Waldbuesser. “It’s always good to look at other people and their goals and get inspired. I’m blessed that I’m continuing in my journey of losing weight and blessed from other people who give me inspiration every day.”


Theresa and Higher Gear co-owner, Todd Ricketts got to speak with Dina Blair on WGN News, Monday, July 30th, 2012. They talked about Theresa’s love of cycling, love of the Cubs and her excitement to join the third-annual, Wrigley Field Road Tour. Read more about Theresa’s interview here >>

Come train with Theresa on our Saturday Morning No-Drop Ride or Tuesday Morning Women’s Ride. Then join Theresa and others for the Wrigley Field Road Tour for a fabulous 100-mile ride and post-ride party, when the Wrigley Field Road Tour returns in 2015.

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