The Secret to Weight Loss

Groundhog Day Bill MurrayIs your New Year’s Day starting to resemble Groundhog Day? “This year – AGAIN – I want to lose weight…”

The number one resolution for Americans, year after year, is to lose weight. Ranking at number five on the list of resolutions is to “Stay fit and healthy.”

So many of us set these goals for ourselves and yet the obesity rate consistently rises from year to year. What exactly is going on?

We all think we want an easy answer. In truth, the answer is very simple; it’s just not glamorous. More importantly, the answer doesn’t lead to immediate results. We live in a society where we want fast food, quick results and instant gratification. If we’re honest with ourselves, however, our weight gain was not so instant. Why should taking off the pounds we put on be any faster?

Chances are that our weight gain is the result of years of an imbalance in the calories-in-versus-calories-out equation. Remember that one? It’s a throw back to grade school health class:

Calories in > Calories out:  Weight Gain
Calories in < Calories out:  Weight Loss
Calories in = Calories out:  No change


caloriesA report in the New England Journal of Science found that many adults put on a pound or two over the holidays, but each year fail to take off that weight, resulting in sustained weight gain.

Each year that the imbalance in that equation tips the scales towards greater calories in than out, we pack on the pounds, so that in ten or twenty years, we not-so-suddenly find ourselves twenty pounds over weight.


weight gain calories in versus calories out scaleThat simple calories-in-versus-calories-out equation is the truth to how we’ve found ourselves making the same resolutions every year. It is also the answer to how we can go about achieving our goal of weight loss. It’s not glamorous. It’s not going to sell a book. It doesn’t come in pill form. It doesn’t yield quick results, but it does yield long-term results.

The (not-so-secret) to weight loss is: if we want to lose weight, we need to consume fewer calories than we expend.

It really is as simple as that.


As we’ve come to find out year after year, however, simple doesn’t always mean easy. That’s why we’re here to help. Stay tuned to your inbox for more in this series:


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