The Best Part of the School Day

Elise Chiang Bike to School Biking Cycling kids ridingFor one young North Shore lady, back to school means biking to school. 11 year-old Elise Chiang and her friends decided to make sixth grade even better by riding their bikes to school.

Before the school year began, Elise’s dad gave her bike a tune-up, so that it was ready and safe to ride. He also periodically checks her tires to be sure they have enough air. The pedaling, however, is all Elise.

Elise regularly rides with three or four of her friends from the neighborhood.


Elise Chiang Bike to School Biking Cycling kids riding


Riding her bike makes her day better because she doesn’t have to wait in the car line at school or wait on the corner to be picked up. “It makes me free. We can stop by the park, library, or go to town – and just feels good,” Says Elise who has every intention of riding to school every day this year that she can.

Elise Chiang Bike to School Biking Cycling kids ridingTwice their morning ride to school has been cancelled due to heavy rain, but she and her friends are willing to brave a light rain with the proper gear. Every morning, Elise checks the radar to see if she needs to wear gloves or a rain jacket.

Elise believes that anyone can ride to school with a little forethought and preparation. To make the ride the best it can be, some necessities include a helmet, bungee cords for your backpack and a lunchbox that will stay in the basket. You also might need gloves on a chilly morning, a jacket and it’s probably a good idea to carry a phone just in case of an emergency.

What she enjoys most about riding to school is the independence and the time with her friends. Elise adds, the ride is the best part of her day.


Elise Chiang Bike to School Biking Cycling kids ridingWhy not make your commute in to work or school the best part of your day by riding your bike? If Elise can do it, so can you! Come in to Higher Gear where we have all the essentials you need to get where you’re going by bike.


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