Thank You for a Successful 2016/17 Indoor Season

Whether your intention was to start off the 2017 cycling season with less weight or more power…

Whether you rode consistently throughout the winter season or you popped in when you had a break in between business trips…

Whether you were with us out of choice or because of doctor’s orders…

Whether you topped the leaderboard or struggled to complete a course…

Whether you were in it for the competition or for the companionship…


Higher Gear Wilmette CompuTrainer CompuTraining Indoor Cycling Studio


Our 2016/17 CompuTrainer season was a resounding success because of you.

Of course, success isn’t always about the numbers. Because what we accomplished this past winter season isn’t just about the watts.

We – for the third season in a row – grew mentally tough through all the hours we spent pedaling in the trainer. We strengthened bonds of friendship over sweat, tears and laughter. We solidified ourselves as a cycling community through shared hours (and pain) in the studio.


Higher Gear Wilmette CompuTrainer CompuTraining Indoor Cycling Studio


The dedication you give to your winter training carries over into other areas of your lives, just as certainly as the bond we create over riding together does. Each and every one of you who has entered the studio over the winter is Higher Gear family. (Just like our blood relatives, we may have gone the winter without seeing you at all and that’s okay too.)

You are the reason we are here. You make us part of this community. You make us your local bike shop. And for that, we thank you.



We look forward to moving our group riding sessions outdoors for the 2017 season. Please join us Saturday, March 8th for our eighth annual First Ride of Spring!






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