Sheridan Road Improvements

Do you ride Sheridan Road? Would you ride Sheridan Road if there were fewer potholes?

Baha'i Temple Wilmette Illinois Sheridan RoadPersonally, our group rides have been re-routed the past couple of years to avoid Sheridan Road north of Wilmette. The road conditions have become a hazard to cyclists.

The improvements Wilmette made to Sheridan Road were a blessing to cyclists. The improved conditions certainly make for a smoother ride. Even better, the addition of cycling lanes helped put cyclists on the minds of motorists, reinforcing the roads are for shared use, and made cycling this stretch of Sheridan Road safer. The improved Sheridan Road through Wilmette only highlights the need for improvements going north.

Higher Gear Women's Cycling Group Ride Fort Sheridan Sylvie LegereA neighbor, friend and customer of ours decided to look into what it would take to continue the improvements further north. To his surprise, he learned that the State of Illinois is planning to resurface a five-mile stretch of Sheridan Road between Winnetka Ave & Lake Cook Road within the next year. This is great news! Or is it?

What is not certain is, other than taking care of the potholes and resurfacing, if cyclists needs are also being considered during the scheduled improvements. Also, where will traffic – both motorist and cyclist – be directed during the road improvements?

Our friend is appealing to the State of Illinois to consider cyclists’ needs before the work on Sheridan Road begins. And he is asking for the support and opinions of those cyclists who use this corridor on Sheridan Road.

As a fellow cyclist, let your voice be heard.

Take the survey and ask that your friends do too.

Let’s continue to work to create truly shared roads. Together.


UPDATE: An organizational meeting is scheduled for Monday, September 9th at 6pm at Wilmette Public Library auditorium. If you are able to attend, please RSVP.

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