Featured Cyclist: Sheri Fisher – Time to Ride

With all that each of us has going on in our lives, it becomes difficult to get on our bikes as much as we’d like. Sheri Fisher reminds us to set some goals and follow a plan. The rest is easy.

As the mother of two and a pediatrician, Sheri has many priorities tugging at her.  She enjoys staying active, yet still needed a balance. Three years ago, she took up tennis. The challenge came when court time would conflict with commitments for the kids or work.

Sheri grew up in Colorado where she had an active childhood. She played soccer, softball, volleyball and basketball. Her father served as one of her coaches. Sheri remembers him encouraging her to “always do better” in her athletic efforts. It was Sheri’s father who also introduced her to cycling when she was young. Sheri remembers 20 mile rides with the family to enjoy breakfast on the weekends.

2012 Wrigley Field Road Tour Sher Fisher WFRTThis summer Sheri was motivated to step up her cycling. She decided, “I’m going to ride a century.” Sheri came to the Wilmette location for Higher Gear where she and the sales team discussed her options for type of bicycle, frame materials and components. She also did a lot of research online. After concluding she wanted a light frame that would also be good on the rough Chicago roads, Sheri selected a Specialized Ruby Elite.  Selecting a carbon endurance road bike, Sheri is very happy with her decision. “I like the feel of the ride that carbon provides.”

With her new wheels purchased, Sheri started off modestly, working to get comfortable in her new sport. With concerns about car traffic and potholes, she decided to start first on the bike paths. From there, her progression began. Sheri got comfortable with her bike, comfortable on the roads and comfortable clipping into her pedals for extra speed and a better work out on longer distances.

Sheri now rides up to 200 miles per week. Cycling is Sheri’s new sport. “In the summer, when the kids are home, you can get on the road at 5:30am, even before they wake up. You can get out for a two to three hour workout and still make it back to the house for breakfast with the family,“ said Sheri. “I find it so peaceful to ride in the early morning,” she added.

2012 Wrigley Field Road Tour Sheri Fisher WFRTIn researching century rides, Sheri chose the Wrigley Field Road Tour. She followed the training plan on our Higher Gear website. “The training plan was perfect for me. It is a fantastic activity to do early in the morning and the plan always outlined the appropriate length and type of ride.”  She knew what she needed to ride every day, and could outline her ride the night before by looking at the schedule. Sheri said, “The training plan was really great. It started off slowly with shorter distances, 8-10 miles.” The distances in the training plan grew throughout the summer. When the training schedule said to ride easy, Sheri found herself capable of pushing harder. She found herself easily riding the longer distances with enough energy to race back home to her kids. Following the training plan, Sheri’s longest ride before the century was 70 miles.

After riding much of the summer on her own, she joined Higher Gear’s Tuesday Morning Women’s Group Ride. “I learned a lot on that ride. I learned that I needed to get closer to the person’s wheel in front of me. I learned the signals and it all made the Wrigley Field Road Tour a great event.”

2012 Wrigley Field Road Tour Sheri Fisher WFRTSheri’s first century, the 2012 Wrigley Field Road Tour, was an enjoyable ride thanks to all of her training. She completed the ride in less than six hours, a great accomplishment for her first 100-mile ride.

What’s next for Sheri? She has friends in Colorado who are encouraging her to tackle the famed Triple Bypass ride. Not being a cold weather fan, she is already looking forward to riding in the CompuTrainer Studio, to stay active and get in her cycling during winter.

The lesson Sheri teaches is simple.  In cycling, as in life, set some goals and follow a plan. The rest is easy.



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